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(Gameplay video below with commentary but first, a short review :) )

First off, let me just say that I love the design of this game! Definitely made me feel like I was playing a NES game for sure. I liked the enemies in the game and I enjoyed the challenge of trying to go through the available levels too.

The only issues I had was first the helicopter because it felt when it charged at me, if I jumped, it knocked me off the platform and if I just stayed there and crouched, it would knock me off as well.

The last issue I have is that it felt a bit too challenging, even on "Easy" for some reason. I have a feeling it's me and not the game due to me not being used to platformers but this really was a good game tbh and the best John Wick game we can get for now :D

Definitely recommend, 4.5/5

Wow thanks a bunch! Glad you liked it :) And thanks for the short review and video.

You are so welcome! I hope my review came out to be just right and not too criticizing but at least more positive than anything :D