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(Below is a gameplay video of mine on this game but first, a review of the game :D)

This game was so beautifully designed as well as written! I loved guessing what the story was about as well as what was going on between the two friends too.

It was a fun and adorable game to play and always had me guessing and making my own ideas of what was going on in the story as I went through playing it :D

The music was also wonderful to hear as the characters were thinking back on their high school life and what they used to do together as well.

The ending had me in tears to be honest, not going to lie, once I found out what it meant (if I was actually correct). My feels have been targeted and hit haha.

I recommend this game to anyone who enjoys a good game with a good story! :D 5/5 Stars!


Thank you, we are so happy you enjoyed the game, it really means a lot to us. About the ending - it is meant to be somewhat open to interpretation. We loved your theory, and it is very close in terms of the emotion we've tried to convey.

You're so welcome! I hope you guys make more stories like this one :)