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Party for Introverts

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That's fixed now, thank you, not sure how we missed that.

Hi @wil492, sorry you are having trouble launching the game. We double-checked and everything seems to work properly on our end. What kind of error pops up? Could it be connected to your Mac safety restrictions for apps downloaded via browser?

Amazing work! Painting over the image really felt like bringing it to life - such a simple, but impactful mechanic.

Amazing work. Best of luck with everything!

Not yet, but we'll keep Linux in mind if we do any platform expansions in the future, thanks.

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"A Lozenge" is now released on

Michelle is nauseous every car trip. A ginger lozenge may make her feel a little better, but this morning that’s a lot of pressure for a hard candy.

“A Lozenge” is a short interactive story about motion sickness, dedicated to children of divorce. In the format of a 10-minute visual novel, it lets the player join Lucy and Michelle on their mother-daughter road trip.

They will play as Lucy, a newly separated mother of a 9-year old, Michelle. They will hear Lucy’s thoughts, feel her doubts and anxieties and help her comfort her daughter by making occasional dialogue choices.

“A Lozenge” is the third in Party for Introverts’ anthology of emotion-driven interactive short stories, along with “Thing-in-Itself” and “From Head to Toe”.

Thanks for playing it!

Hi, please feel free to use our game for your bundle.

Thank you, we are so happy you enjoyed the game, it really means a lot to us. About the ending - it is meant to be somewhat open to interpretation. We loved your theory, and it is very close in terms of the emotion we've tried to convey.


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Hi everyone,

We wanted to announce the release of our new project  "From Head to Toe".

It is a short interactive story about winter, existential guilt and your ex-classmates.

It is emotional. It is short. It is free.

Get it on

In this experimental 2D game, you play as Betty—a young woman visiting her hometown. Joined by her high school best friend, Quentin, Betty journeys to her childhood home on a path that she has walked so many times before.

The two of us have been working on it for quite some time and a lot of heart went into it.

Let us know what you think, we can't wait for you to try it.

For more updates you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook.