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(First a mini review and then gameplay footage :) )

First off, really hope you see this review! :D I appreciate this game so much!

And wow..what can I say about this game? It definitely does show what can happen during a break up, what the person may do to cope with that pain.

The colors seen at first are very colorful, symbolizing looking back on the memories can be painful but bring back happy thoughts. but later on, the colors change to darker colors and black/white, symbolizing how it also makes you sad that no longer can you have memories with this person.

This was a beautiful game, definitely recommend it to everyone to try out. It was one of those games where I had to hold back tears while playing it as something similar happened to me too. 

No one should ever have to go through a break up like that. It's a terrible pain that I wouldn't wish it on my worse enemy. Thank you for making this game!


Also, I don't know if this was a fairly recent break up or what but I want to say this:

Even though everything feels so heavy, everything will be okay. Despite what your mind may tell you. It's going to be alright. There are plenty of people out there, millions, billions! And one of them that's for you. Just have to know where to look :)

From one person who had to go through a difficult break up, I'm here for you, stranger. :D

Thanks for making the game once again, was a great interactive game to play through and to watch the story unfold.


that is so kind of you! Fortunately this happened a while back, so most ideas and concepts for this game were created when I was in that space where everything just seemed quite dark. Eventually I did however pick myself up, and that’s when I was able to take these sketches and concepts and become productive; so it became two phases, one of the more raw emotions and then the “crafting” process of it. But it’s very kind of you to reach out to me like this, and, based on that you said you also experienced something similar, I’m hoping you also found the other end of that tunnel!

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At least you were able to turn a negative into a positive in my opinion :D It was a tough and long journey but you pulled yourself up and made this wonderful game! 

You are very strong and brave, as well as creative. :D

And yes, it took a while but I was able to find my way out of the dark tunnel and into the light. It was difficult, but I had to keep telling myself that it wasn't my fault and that it was just one of those things where it just didn't last because of a certain reason.

If that makes any sense?


Thank you so much for those kind words! And yes, I guess we both were able to get to the other side, and I think that is one way the take-away from this; hopefully, very likely, you'll get through to that other side but you just  need to endure it.

And thank you again, I'm so happy that I got someone like you who really took the time to analyze everything to play my game!

(Sorry for the absurdly long reply, I was sick for a long time but I'm finally back on my feet!)


You're so welcome! When it comes to games/interactive stories such as this that has a deeper story, I try my best to understand thoroughly what has happened in this persons life or story and explain to those that may not know exactly what's going on. :D

And once again, you are so welcome. :D I love playing games like this that has such a moving story, you know?

And it's okay, just hope you're keeping yourself safe during this time! :D



First of all, thank you so much for these very kind words! It definitely feels a bit unreal that while I was working on this project, there was a lot of doubt if anyone at all would play it, and if they did, if what I was trying to convey in this game actually was understandable.

So it means so much to me to read you not only enjoying the art in the game, but also seemed to be able to relate to this on a personal level and make your own experience out of it: it’s truly what I was hoping for!

Thank you playing this game and thank you for taking the time to review it! It warms my heart!


I'm glad the video, the review, and my personal experience I used to relate to your story warmed your heart :D

I read everything I possibly could as well as took a look at the environment to fully be able to be in your mindset during that dark time, to completely understand what was happening and your thoughts :)

Thank you once again for making this game. It's so so good. :D