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Thanks to this and other jams,  life's a bit sweeter even in isolation!

Thanks a lot! I'm happy you liked the game! :D

Thank you so much!

Hi! Really cute games! I left you a comment with some playtesting advice!

If you wish, you can rate/comment mine here:

Really nice game! I enjoyed the relaxed music for the main menu, however I found that I was a bit of a buzz-killer during the game: I was racing against time and infection with a lullaby!

The mechanics are simple and easy to grasp yet interesting to play. My only concern here is that clicking on a puddle with the tools is rather cumbersome, as multiple presses were needed.

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Congratulations! I truly loved it your game, it's the one I played for the longest (even longer then mine)! I'll surly make my nephew play it, it can be turned in a super fun way to learn proportions and basic math reasoning: have you considered making it an educational game?

I'd love to hear what you think about mine:

Absolutely loved it! Yours is officially the game which kept glued to my screen the longest in this jam, for me this is a full mark! Congrats!


Thanks a lot! The best thing about receiving comments about this type of games in particular is that everybody the number of times to "figure out" greatly depends, but overall we're happy that narrative supports every taste in that it gives the offer to go through it once or as many times as one wishes!

Yeah, stay safe and "in men che non si dica" Frecciarossa trains will start again flowing between our two cities like blood in an healthy body! :D

Wow, usually jam games are cute and little bu not very polished, but yours actually feels like a game I could have found out there on the internet already! I love graphics and ambience music, the gameplay is a bit on the hard side for my personal taste, but I guess somebody more used to action-packed games would feel at home here. I see a lot of room for new features (weapons, new stuff falling down, ...) so you should definitely keep it up as something very complete and satisfactory can come out of this prototype! Well done!

Eh eh, I'm glad you took the time to figure out the "pattern". I've always liked in games the design choice of letting the player choose whether to get the reward immediately or to go back for pure personal satisfaction. That why we went for it in our game! Thanks again!

Thanks so much! Well done on figuring out, we've realised that how "easy" to get the game is depends a lot on the randomness (which, if you think about it, is a weird meta-feature of the game we hadn't realised while making it :D): basically, after a bit of playtesting, we realised that sometimes if a player has "bad luck" with the choices (especially if many wrong choices are are picked in a row by the system) it becomes obvious that there can't be any logic in it. In the "good luck" cases (i.e. only few errors here and there) the feeling of "there must be something behind it" is more supported.

Anyway, thanks a lot for playing! :)

Very nice idea, even though is a bit borderline with "game". I believe it shares many similarities with ours, check it out if you want:

Hardly a game, but I really liked it! I believe this "social experiment" should deserve more attention on social media to fill the map with hearts! Spread the word!

Thanks A LOT! For the rating...well, as you wish I guess: surely ratings are a nice bonus!

Cool game, it definitely has A LOT OF potential! In case you have some free time, here's mine:

I think this game has A LOT OF potential! :D

You should definitely expand it after the jam: I like the hanging mechanic, it felt like playing good old prince of persia again. The suggestion I have is to make more clear the "action" in the game, as I was quite confused by what I had to do with the lying folks.

Keep it up!

Rated and commented, really cute! Here's mine if you want:

First of all, I love the artistic style, graphics and the overall mood: really spot-on!

I agree with others that it might be a bit too slow. My personal suggestion is to create a mechanic such that players get point for accuracy, so that keeping pressed the left button of the mouse is not incentivised: you get more points if you hit correctly! Another way might be to allow for more directions to let enemies come from.

I really appreciate the idea, it was easy to grasp and fun to play! I'm afraid I'll to have to agree with other posters before me in saying that the difficulty is quite high: I'm not very good with shooters so thi was particularly tough for me!

As a suggestion, in case you wish to continue development, you make more diverse enemies, some of them with lower abilities (for example lower firing rate or less powerful enemies). If you show up only the "weak" enemies first, you get a more gentle learning curve and a more enjoyable and diverse experience! Win Win!

Wow, what can I say...thank you so much for the encouragement! This means really a lot!

To be totally honest, we were not planning on expanding the concept further because to us this games really makes sense in the context of this jam: this was an explicit design choice for us! Nonetheless, I really take your comment and make sure to expand on the overall philosophy behind "making fool of the player" (in a gentle and hopefully funny way) also in our future projects! Cheers!

Absolutely, don't get me wrongs: the mechanics of guards is simply great (and very much aligned with the theme of the jam). What I meant was to tune a bit the speed of cars down to allow for some room for avoiding them. :)

As I said, however, this is something minor that could have just been me being not good at avoiding stuff xD

One of the best ones I've played so far, good job!

In case you have some free times, here's mine:

That was really fun! You kept me entertained for longer than I expected!

The only drawback I see is that way too many times I felt like I was powerless over dodging cars, as their speed is a bit too high for the character's movement ability. This caused some frustration, but it might well just be me being a bit clumsy. ;)

GORGEOUS graphics!

Nice one, really enjoyed it! Well done!

In case you have some free time, here's mine:

Hi. Really liked it, well done! The very first few runs very quite challenging and failing and trying again was satisfying as the game truly benefits from some skill improving.

My personal suggestion going forward, especially as you mentioned you want to keep working on it, is to work around the difficulty level: once enough momentum is gained, I found myself to be almost unstoppable. I failed many times very early, but the first time I passed the, say, 20 seconds of gameplay I immediately reached the end.

Another (minor, after only three days of jam) point is the shadowing of enemies: for some reason I get confused by them having "infinite" shadows (suggesting they are taller than the camera view).

Other than these, I really enjoyed it! I totally agree this should be taken further because it has potential!

Hi! Thanks a lot! We've talked a little about our design in the forum (link here). I'll play yours too!

Hi guys,

First of all I would like to thank the organisers for putting up this lovely jam. It's been while since I wanted to partecipate in one, and this jam really sparkled my enthusiasm. So here I am, submitting to my first jam! I must say I'm particularly touched by this one as my brother and I, who developed ALO Controls, are from Milan and things are fairly lonely in this part of the world.

You can find, play and rate our game here:
Please, we believe that comments and feedback are far more valuable than mere numerical metric. If you liked or disliked,  understood or didn't understand our game, if you think of improvements to it: drop us two lines!

Now, if you're curious about why we ended up making the game we made, the design of ALO Controls was influenced by several points:

  • we only had two days, as we had to work on Monday;
  • my brother has some experience in Unity, I fiddled with Game Maker Studio a long time ago, but we wanted to experiment with a new engine: Godot;
  • I'm a bit of a coder, my brother is a designer, but neither of us is a really good artist nor musician. Despite this, we wished to make all our assets ourselves from scratch for our submission

They might seem quite mundane points, but I believe that the design of anything (games included) has to obey to reality's strict laws, thus included our time constraints, inabilities and external contingencies.

As per the theme, we realised that we wouldn't have been able to put "a lot of" stuff on screen because of the above constraints (mainly my programming skills): my brother then realised that instead of having "a lot of" stuff on screen, we could build a mechanic that involved "a lot of" controls, thus the name of the game!

I will say no more about it, and let you discover the mystery of the pattern of gears you have to face!