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the camera movement when moving the mouse is way too intense/disorienting maybe turn it down a little

the camera movement when moving the mouse is way too intense/disorienting maybe turn it down a little

thanks for playing

Thanks for playing and hope you enjoyed.

I got to say I love it  there were only 2 things I saw when you shake the house thing you can see a black line of pixels on the sprite for a second and the second thing is really nothing but I would like to be able to go behind the building along with that maybe make them semi-transparent when walking behind, but other then that nothing bad I love the art I love the sound I love the footsteps only with the keys were a bit bigger because at first idk what they where. anyways good job 

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I like the level but the gravity makes it a bit 2 floaty for me, the red screen does not play sometimes when you drink the thingy but overall I like it. (I know the song lol)

I love the art, but the If I remember correctly the "mop" riding section is a bit slippery and I would have liked to see a unique riding animation and not just a static player, The last two things I have to say is the shine animation on the helmet  I don't think should be there in some parts because if there is light it won't go away in the same room just because you move but I guess its an artistic choice, The wall climbing is a bit finicky sometimes when it works it's great but when it does not it's a minor annoyance. The art was overall great I love the bounciness of the player the mop was cool just a little static lol,  I would love to see more of this.   

I love this,I   just wish the leg mechanic was a bit less finicky along with the collision, other than that I love the paper mario like turn and the elasticity of the character, 1 suggestion you should add the option of using the spacebar to jump I often found myself going to the  spacebar to jump lol, ohh 1 more thing having to shift then press the thing to unequip multiple times was a bit much maybe add a unequip and a equip last button?

thanks for playing 

The animations might be a bit tricky but hope I can make it happen ,thanks for playing 

got to say another great entry by the great ghostbitstudio just wish the collision would be a bit nicer by that I mean you can get stuck on corners and edges real easily but other than that just a few wrong z indexes but it is great I would love to see more maybe even some combat or something 

yeah I tried to focus on the theme, unique Level as much as I could, but honestly wish I had more time to polish the visuals and build out the level a bit more  but thanks for playing

yeah I was kinda short on time but hope u enjoyed what there was thank for playing 

love the fact  that  you can bounce the "particles" from the broken blocks around nice touch 

It's a cool project but when you miss the ball and pannel should reset also lives?? anyways fits the jam`s theme well

I know i know if i had more time i would do all of that bit i only had like less then a 4th of the time so i did what i could a quick patch up to the controls because there where really buggy they may be jank now but at least they work. thanks for playing

ok thank you for the feed back and a experiment i should clarify a magical on not scientific one. Or give some more clarification in the future i did what i could with the 5 or so hours i could actually do work on it. Next time i will keep everything in mind but maybe add a basic menu next time. The experiments are magical and they escaped there containment cels should have specified sooner 

ngl this is fun a bit hard but fun 

this is fun but you can tell what's happening very fast  the boss guy does not take damage  and the targets can not be destroyed and then the player score drops when hit I like it lol  this is a very unbeatable game, ps maybe you should have added a crt or some kind of effect to make it look like an old game because it fells like I am playing an atair game

ok fun game  but waiting for a 6 on the last level was kinda annoying but I still did it and I won not unbeatable but it's still a good entire,I do agree with mr tuba the spike could use a little work

the point is to not influence the player some people will sit there just to see what happens but others will go and immediately kill the animal, I always wanted to do something like the Stanley parable but   I don't have the voice for it lol. but yeah I was thinking of adding some arrows or signs or something but decided against it, maybe I should have had a little intro scene?

its designed to be a small but polished game  and yah I will keep that in mind next time

cool game just found a lot of bugs  when entering the blue room u can soft lock yourself by dropping the artifact in the barrier  also when i was on my way to the main room my character disappeared and seemingly had no collision or little collision because it would let me to to the opposite side without blocking me and play the transition but the main room would not work also u can lock yourself in the barrier and drop the artifact  and u can drop it in the wall   ohh and yah the control room ladder dose not work but all in all good work for a day 

Thanks for playing

tbh  I love this, but my stupid brain messed up with the door code because I forgot 1 letter lmao but other than that the song might be in my head for a bit lmao. good work 

sorry i only accounted for the layout that has them separate 

there are secrete passage ways u can wallslide and dash. Sometimes the bottom of  players hitbox hits the top of the wall collision and freezes. For a second but the goes back to normal and as for damage i did not really get a chance to add any indicators because it was last minute the players hp is indicated by the light anyways hope u enjoyed the music and art at least 

is that Mystic Cave Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2???  if not it sounds very similar lol but good work its fun to play and controls well 

but thanks for playing 

there are secret passage ways  and each gun has a unique property the added to the barrel

reminding me i need to change my profile pic lol

I submitted to the forum hopefully that helps  one more thing I forgot to put in  maybe when u are wall jumping have the camera zoom out or something and maybe have the camera while jumping lag a bit behind the player to give it that sense of motion  well at least for jumping (but u don't have to take my word lol never really worked with 3d I have only done so like maybe 3 times  but the attempts where not to make a game gl  man)

its atair hard isn't it lol 

the shield   makes it so u don't get hurt but wears off after 5 seconds exactly   it auto activates on pick up 

 i am just go and say this now  i was so panicked with putting in a splash screen that my code got  hecked and   the while loop i put in broke the lives so play the windows better build  if u want to see it work plus the  lvl 2 that got messed up is there  2 so there is that  and yes the climbing is a bit slow and also  the original game u can only jump under a hole  (i was trying to capture the atair vib) and thanks lol idk if my art was any good but i guess it did the job also thanks for playing

i can see where u are coming from  but i wanted to make it like u were playing it on a atair   on a crt   so it really does not need a story purpose and yes maybe i should speed up the anims a bit but its atair lmao  

there was music

Thank you for playing i will keep that in mind next time i use a effect like that

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ok thanks for playing i will adjust in the future

thanks to lightspeed6 for letting me use some of his music check him out!