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Thanks for the help, it turned out that I just had some of my settings set up incorrectly and now it works.

Thanks for the note. I'll put it on the bug list

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ever mind I figured it out :-P

Hi, I just uploaded my game on Itch. I put up an HTML5 version and the embed code that Itch generates works for me. But for some reason my game doesn't show up with the playable in browser tag like other games do.

What do I need to do to make my game shop up as playable in browser like I see with other games?

My Itch page looks like this:

You can play the game right there on the page but it doesn't show up with the playable in browser tag in search results. How DO I make it show up like that?

Jelly Blocks is a soft body physics Match-3 game where you bounce and mash your combos together instead of lining everything up neatly like Tetris or other games.

Jelly Blocks is still very early in development. please give me feedback on how the controls feel on both touch(phone) and keyboard(desktop) as well as how you like the core loop of stacking squishy blocks and popping them.



  • W,A,S,D: Move game piece
  • Left,Right: Rotate game piece
  • Space: Force spawn new game pieceF: Unfreeze all blocks
  • F: Unfreeze all blocks


  • Top buttons - Rotate your game piece.
  • Bottom buttons - Move your game piece left and right.

Known issues:

  • Sometimes 3 pieces of the same color look like they're touching but the game logic doesn't pop the blocks correctly.
  • Game has no end condition yet.
  • Keyboard controls in IE don't work.
  • Performance still isn't very good at high body counts.
  • Physics engine sometimes blows up...

HTML5 Alpha

I have a Windows build and links to the browser version at

Android APK: Coming soon