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Thanks for the feedback! I was planning on having a number for weight, as well as arrows showing what stats increase, and what stats decrease, but the deadline kinda crept up on me.

I'll definitely try and fit the UI outside the room, cause I can definitely see how that can be an issue.

I also definitely like the idea of the cooldown bar, since that's definitely a concern guns like the sniper rifle, and the grenade launcher.

I'm planning on polishing this game up and selling it on steam for a few bucks, so any tips on how to make it better are great

That's actually a really good idea! I never thought of that!

I'm planning on polishing this up, quadrupling the content, and selling it for a few bucks on steam, so this is definitely something I'm gonna add!

This game is absolutely gorgeous! The sound works so well, and the enemies are super spooky! Definitely one of my favorite games in the jam!

Seems like a pretty neat game! Only thing, I feel like the talking parts don't really affect anything but the starting score of the minigame? I dunno, I just feel like the dialogue should have been emphasized more.

Just curious, what was your high score? If you haven't forgotten it, lol

It would be nice if the shotgun shot at your cursor, instead of in 4 directions, but other than that, pretty cool

Thank you so much! I worked many sleepless nights on it, so I'm glad that you had fun playing it!

It's a bit easy, and there's not that much variety, so you'd think it would be a boring game, but the really nice art, and the really fun towers kept me playing this for a while! It might not be much of a challenge, but it's pretty fun to set up completely overpowered turret setups, and watch them absolutely wreck the enemy wave!

*aggressively ejects ralph*

Don't quite know how it relates to the theme, but it's fun!

I ran into the same issue. I thought my game was really easy, until I submitted it.

This is pretty fun! I'm always a fan of games that explore different dimensions, so this is a really neat take on 1d!

Surprisingly spooky, given you only had one dimension to work with! I really didn't expect much, but the mechanics are actually pretty fun!

Seems like a fun game! Really hard though. I couldn't get past level 3

This is an incredibly fun game! Polish it up a bit, and this would make a great mobile game! The circular wrap-around is really hard for me to get my head around, but it's really cool! All the sound and music perfectly fits the gameplay! I'll be shocked if this doesn't make top ten!

Seems like a fun little puzzle game! I gotta ask though, why is there a dog?

Really enjoyed this little game! The only thing bad I could say about this is that it's not long enough!

The graphics are pretty, the controls feel nice, the audio sounds perfect. I managed to beat it on infernal!

This is a really fun game, and I enjoyed it a lot! Only issue is that I had a bug where the cards just kept getting smaller and smaller the longer I had them, so that in later levels, I couldn't see about half my cards.

Other than that slight bug, it's a really solid card game!

This is a fun little game! It would be neat if you could see what they were going to do in their next turn, to add a bit more strategy to the mix, but it definitely seems fun!

This game is amazing! I can tell how much time went into fine tuning every piece! The character movement feels really nice, and I really enjoyed the gravity mechanics!

This is a really fun little game! I'm sure you could polish this up a little, add some levels, and you'd have a pretty nice mobile game!

My only issue is that the pixel art, mixed with the photorealistic background, and the vector art ui, was just a little bit offputting. I'd try to stick with a style.

Other than that, I had a lot of fun playing it! Music is really nice, and the gameplay is definitely there!

Really love this game! It would be nice if the main mechanic was made a bit more clear, but other than that, I really enjoyed it!

I had a lot of fun with this one! Though, I couldn't get past the ping pong section. Really fun submission!

Trying to play this, but I'm stuck in the first room. What am I supposed to do? Really want to play this, but I just can't figure it out

Seems like a fun little arcade shooter!

It's a little tough to click the small ball, so maybe it would be nice if you could click anywhere to jump? Anyway, seems like a fun little golf game!

Yeah, I wanted to, but everything else in the game had no animations, and I've never worked with animations before, so adding them for the character would take more time than I figured it was worth. I tried a few animation-less characters, but none of them looked right. I'd love to make a little watchmaker holding a lantern in a cloak, but I'm also REALLY bad at people in pixel art.

It was a little annoying having to wait so long after I died to get back into it. Still though, a solid submission!

Maybe more weapon variation would be nice? Overall though, a pretty cool game!

It was a little tough to tell between what could hurt me and what couldn't, and the player felt a little sluggish, but overall, it's pretty fun!

The game doesn't seem to work properly? I can't play, because I can't see anything.

A pretty fun twist on a genre! It did feel like the curving bullets was a little inconsistent, but everything else felt great!

Pretty fun game! I wish there was some clear indication of whether your rewind is charged or not, but if you fixed that, you could make a pretty cool mobile game out of this!

I love this game. It's so simple, but it has so much potential! You should continue working on this game, see where it takes you.

I couldn't figure out how to press 3 buttons at once, lol. Still though, seems solid. Nice work.

I just enjoyed building bridges out of my own numerous corpses!

I think making the music continuous instead of restarting every time you fail would make it better, but it's pretty good for a first game jam!

I did add an epilepsy warning. Concerning that it didn't show...

Anyway, if you did want to get further, but couldn't beat level 5, you can always skip to level 6 in the level select screen!

Seems really fun! Maybe I'd add a few more weapons, and maybe a bit more that's different between them, but for a week, this is awesome!

Pretty fun!