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oh yeah, i just also noticed someone said there was supposed to be events later if you accepted the necklace but on my runs with it I got nothing. So that miiiiight be bugged?

Not bad, but kinda hurt my eyes with the sizing, the constant shifting of where the text would go. It's alot to take in.

Also I think the game suffered alot by choosing to be a management sim. I spent alot more time going through the management aspects than reading about the characters I was supposed to be invested in. It also didn't help that by the end i found out that the key really is to just spend all your time on one of the 4 categories so it felt like alot of bloat tbh.

I can say though I'm happy to see Dex as a future route because he was the most interesting character. 

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I misunderstood the associate part. Also Ypress has actively taken over/assisted in the development of multiple incomplete games and reworked aspects of it into something I am not fond of. So it's always a possibility.

and yes I'm sure there are people that would be happy about it, just like there are people like me that would not be happy considering the amount of rapey shit ypress does LMAO?

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Seeing this and groaning as Y Press takes over another game... Their writing is so terrible otl

people are crazy man.

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lowkey do you guys plan to make a guide? ive played multiple times for both routes and changed my choices and the ending always stays the same?
Bastian, we become bros with Kiko and meet up
Terrance, I end up with Karim
I cant tell if its an error or if its just one single choice I keep missing thats getting in the way? Its getting to the point where it's admittedly really frustrating to play.

There's a kickstarter for Queen's Crown? I couldn't find it. If that's the case then I apologize. Though the potentially framing Agashi for murder thing was still f'd and was something the user looking into her past should have never even posted or hinted at. 

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Because it's honestly really freaky to search so deeply into the personal life of this creator and because this person's research is poor and they had earlier believed  Agashi to be a MURDERER because another woman had her named and killed someone near the time Agashi had disappeared. It's honestly lucky that someone else actually went in to put the proper time and effort to expel that rumor.

The owner of this account clearly wants nothing to do with this game anymore, and she hasn't charged people/ran off with money as far as I'm aware so there's really no excuse to breach her privacy. :/ No matter how interesting you think it is. 

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your searching has quickly become uncomfortable. Especially when seeing your interest in taking this game from the creator develop it yourself. i suggest you, uh, stop. This really isn't good behavior for a future 'dev'

Im really concerned with the fact you're stating that the work is clearly not written by an english speaker because it's giving me the message that there are going to be some hard to read parts?  I don't mean to be rude but alot of your games aren't known for their writing aspects, and since that's already an issue I don't know how I feel about purchasing this game... Do you have examples of what you mean when you say its not written by an english speaker? Like is it some quirky use of slang, or is it genuine grammatical errors and awkward sentence structure? 

cant wait to see the finished product! once it gets near im buying ALL the merch

Really hope this project gets picked up again someday, i love it dearly 

So excited for this! I've loved whats been done with this game so far and I cant wait to see more!!

Excited for the new update and new cg! Though I'd suggest you ask your artist to fix the eyes they're very unfocused and ruin and otherwise great piece!

I paid for this game when it was opened to prepurchase on itchi.o and now you've guys have moved pages. Am I going to get a refund at any point? You've pretty much just taken my money with nothing in return...

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Knew this game was sketchy the moment it became clear they had barely had made any progress on any routes during the long span of time people have been waiting. Do not get this game until all routes are released! It's just too fishy to buy otherwise.

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Recently checked back in, it's only gotten worse, and now theres a finacial hiatus... They also apparently blocked their 2k backer for Echoes on twitter for being upset with them calling the crowdfunding money /donations/ aswell as criticizing other issues with the studio....  So this is going great.

I genuinely don't believe we're getting this game anymore, and if it comes out it'll be subpar. 

Lesson learned. Don't preorder!! I hope if they drop the project I get my money back, this is insane. 

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When a game is purchased it ends up in your "My Library" section, It hasn't ended up there despite the money being drawn from my account, and I can't access its downloads. :weary: I was hoping that meant you guys were providing the download through other means, but I guess not? I'll have to message itchio about it. 

Hi, I bought this yesteday, the transaction went through, but it's still not showing in my library...? 

Has there been any new updates? Octobers over with, and they still have [Release Date September] on their profile?

Glad it's getting released, but anyone have any news on what day of September? Its the 12th now, and there hasn't been any exact day given. I'm feeling a little iffy considering this isn't the first time they've given us a month, and failed to reach it, or make any announcement of why.

Red Embrace: Hollywood community · Created a new topic omg

This reminds me so much of Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines! I'm so excited! Were you possibly inspired by the game at all?

I only commented a short while ago, but my frustration is at an all time high. tfw look at blog for a written update on the game, and there's no mentions of incoming game release, but there is BTS music video/story analysis... 

Atleast it looks like they're developing it on twitter, but from what I'm picking up it seems it actually isn't very far in development at all// Which feels abit crazy considering this game has missed multiple dates.

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Yeah, never got it either. Gave them multiple emails, with the one I use for this account they emailed back stating that I hadn't purchased with this email, sent them two others, both my PP account emails, and never even got a response back for those.  Think at some point they just stopped looking at the refund request.

the facebook hasn't been updated since christmas, anyone know if this is still coming out?

Besides the ability to save, has the game changed at all?

i would prefer at this point if the bts otome does not get that much fame. Its so clearly the game that theyre favoring rn it brings a bad taste in my mouth. I'm a little salty loool. Who can blame me tho? the most recent post they've made was 5 days ago, and it was for the bts otome. Like... awesome. Theres a whole board complaining about your lack of communication, but just push it away because that solves the problem. No need to make a statement, or anything.

It truly does seem we are worthless.
Also still haven't gotten that refund even tho I gave the exact email I use for this account. Cool. I'm guessing they're also expecting everyone to just look at this board if they want a refund to find the link. Cause they didn't stop me from trying for the refund so it seems to be allowed for prepurchasers (if they can somehow find the link)

I'm usually a patient person, but tbh// I'm just gonna go for the refund. The feeling that they want nothing to do with this worldbuild just keeps growing stronger, and the fact that you're having to communicate for them is sad. Thank you for doing it though. I greatly appreciate it!

I'm disappointed that after all this time they still couldn't leave a single message on this board.

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Wish they'd said something on here considering I'm not a backer, but I have preordered the game. rip lol

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So its been awhile with no updates(atleast nowhere i can see them), everything if focused on the kpop otome, and november 2017 is days away. The lack of updates, or anything on this game is extremely offputting. Are you going to make this release date? If not, I'd really love a refund. My excitement for this game is kinda down the drain. It doesn't look good when a game days from release is getting barely any attention by its creators.

Edit 11/4/17: You guys updated BTS otome just a day ago, your twitter has daily updates (completely based around your BTS otome despite this games incoming release), and still no answer? dude c'mon its November.. Please just give me a refund. I honestly don't want this game anymore. 

Since both June, and August have passed, do you have any clue for the games new release date? I'm interested in preordering, but its iffy when a date isn't out yet.