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Replied to Yukiko in Updates? Refund?

i would prefer at this point if the bts otome does not get that much fame. Its so clearly the game that theyre favoring rn it brings a bad taste in my mouth. I'm a little salty loool. Who can blame me tho? the most recent post they've made was 5 days ago, and it was for the bts otome. Like... awesome. Theres a whole board complaining about your lack of communication, but just push it away because that solves the problem. No need to make a statement, or anything.

It truly does seem we are worthless.
Also still haven't gotten that refund even tho I gave the exact email I use for this account. Cool. I'm guessing they're also expecting everyone to just look at this board if they want a refund to find the link. Cause they didn't stop me from trying for the refund so it seems to be allowed for prepurchasers (if they can somehow find the link)

I'm usually a patient person, but tbh// I'm just gonna go for the refund. The feeling that they want nothing to do with this worldbuild just keeps growing stronger, and the fact that you're having to communicate for them is sad. Thank you for doing it though. I greatly appreciate it!

I'm disappointed that after all this time they still couldn't leave a single message on this board.

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Wish they'd said something on here considering I'm not a backer, but I have preordered the game. rip lol

Created a new topic Updates? Refund?
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So its been awhile with no updates(atleast nowhere i can see them), everything if focused on the kpop otome, and november 2017 is days away. The lack of updates, or anything on this game is extremely offputting. Are you going to make this release date? If not, I'd really love a refund. My excitement for this game is kinda down the drain. It doesn't look good when a game days from release is getting barely any attention by its creators.

Edit 11/4/17: You guys updated BTS otome just a day ago, your twitter has daily updates (completely based around your BTS otome despite this games incoming release), and still no answer? dude c'mon its November.. Please just give me a refund. I honestly don't want this game anymore. 

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I considered purchasing this game at some point, multiple times actually, but I'm really happy I didn't. The dev team needs to start updating regularly or give a refund, honestly.
I hope itch.o has a report for refund function somewhere for those who spent money on this game. This isn't like a kickstarter. We're not funding the chance for you to make the game, we're paying to /get/ the game.

Please, give updates, show somewhere that youre working on a route, or something? This looks more like a scam everyday. Its even been a year since your last development update.

Posted in release date?

Since both June, and August have passed, do you have any clue for the games new release date? I'm interested in preordering, but its iffy when a date isn't out yet.