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lowkey do you guys plan to make a guide? ive played multiple times for both routes and changed my choices and the ending always stays the same?
Bastian, we become bros with Kiko and meet up
Terrance, I end up with Karim
I cant tell if its an error or if its just one single choice I keep missing thats getting in the way? Its getting to the point where it's admittedly really frustrating to play.

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hey, Cornber!  thanks for reaching out! A guide is already available please email me at [ @ ] and I'll send it to you!

>3< can i have one too o/!

sure! please email me [ @ ]

Heho, I need some too please :) I always get Karims End T_T

Will be happy to help! Please email me [ @ ]

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You just have to answer everything in a way you clearly show intrest along with things that are in no way violent, you will know youre doing it right if you get a massage sequence that happens towars the middlesh end.  (After you get relocated to the new job and home).

well said! :D