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Update: found out if you talk to "skpippy" the monster at night they will teleport your character to the plaza at night where you find 3 other characters.

Found another minor bug where all cheese is marked as 1 star regardless of what quality you actually made it so it all gets grouped into 1 pile. This is honsestly one of the funniest bugs I found 2nd to waking up next to moocha when dating finn lol, but of course the moocha bug was fixed. Just the cheese bug that isnt. 😂

Forgot the mention this in my initial post before this update; but when deciding to participate in foreplay mode, once you finish and click the heart the game will state there is an error and take you to the beginning to where it asks you again if you wish to participate in foreplay mode. Thought I would mention it since it was zinc present in this update and has led to a weird cut in the after wedding scene at the love hotel.

I was able to do the wedding just fine but when it came time for the kids after they hatched and they were named, the game cut to the moring where i woke up with moocha instead of finn- I was so confused (in the waking up scene it's mocha & MC's egg hatching which added to the layers of confusion)... and are we able to be able to interact with Finn and the kids? because neither of them show up in the home unlike in moochas route where you could interact with the kid in the crib or moocha in the kitchen ect.

Jesus you're fast, a literal speedrun TT 

Theres a reoccuring bug in fins route regarding his clothes; when he wears a white suite to confess to the MC he will wear the outfit ever scene from then on until a complete wardrobe change is done on the charcter which took quite a while (2-4 in game weeks). Same thing whenever you see him fully undressed, he will go on the rest of the game naked which make some scenes a bit odd lol, but events such as the festival fix it back to normal. In addition to this if Fin wears the yukata in foreplay mode and it is taken off, his whole dong just dissapears- (Also quick question is there a glitch in his route regarding marrying finn? Im asking since I did all the quests for the priests and have gotten Finn to full with no new scenes appearing, and yes I have chacked in with grizz for the rings but there is no option to buy them :/) Overall the game is great though! I only noticed 1-2 speling errors in the beginning and the game is fantastic, keep up the outstanding work :>

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You just have to answer everything in a way you clearly show intrest along with things that are in no way violent, you will know youre doing it right if you get a massage sequence that happens towars the middlesh end.  (After you get relocated to the new job and home).

You have to complete the owls quest from the clinic with maxed courage if im not mistaken, and if you want to have the ability to have lvl 5 maxed stats, you need to have maxed smarts in order to complete his second quest. (The levels he offers don't sound very high but they do indeed do a lot which is super helpful).   

When you buy the wedding ring from Grizz do you get something in your house / inventory or is there a scene that's supposed to pop up or? Also I have full hearts with moocha but it will only let me use basic topics on dates, do I have to start from the very beginning again or do I just keep my old saves :? 

Last time there was an update they said it was being post poned till may because of the virus but it's now June.... So no idea at this point


I just realized that he wasn't included

Oof. I wish you the best of luck! ヾ(・m・*)

4) finals are life or death for me since I need to ace them all get an A, or to stay at one. I'm even working on my essay for finals rn ;-;

If it's out of the guys there then Klein, but if free choice then Haves.

The thirst is real 😂


I love how 95% of people in the comments want Finn. But to be fair, I want him too XD top teir 

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1) will it be released around the beginning, mid or late September  

2) Its been confusing since my sleep schedule is all over the place

3) and yes August 16

You can see Aiden's brown hair in the picture lol

I played the demo and the original and I must say you outdid yourself, I loved it!

I believe its in October or November 


1) A character that's interesting and character designs that suit the character itself

2) a mix of both so then it will satisfy both people who mainly want these things in the game

3) I loved everything in the demo except the voice for Minami since the voice sounded a bit forced/ unnatural

4) 〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜 probably doing the wave cause hes too pure

tbh I thought you sounded normal and not like a kid

I fell in love with the demo and I'm going to get the game on Friday. (Btw i did find a bug, for some reason when going into Regio for a second time there were no pants to choose from unlike last time even if I exit and re-open the game)