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I wan't conrad want to make him happy <3

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oooo Would to love have that club song <3!!

Ah ok ty XD

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I am confused in Nour demo why when you nice to them their bar goes down lol it's confusing Q.Q are going have to be jerk to them because that's the only time it goes up 


it's really good :D I really love Tae I wonder will there be a good ending :O?

I love this game and Leu so damn cute <3!


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it's really good but there one spelling error that  made me smile XD he squeee my hand XD I am also wondering is the others route out yet? 

LMAO XD that would be bad someone saw XD

OMG I am so stupid I am sorry DX now I can read it again as a guy this time thank so much XD 

I hope you feel better and things work out we are rooting for you <3! \o/

It's good but sadly a bit sad that you can't be male ):  unless I missed where you can change it but i didn't see any and yaoi shouldn't be on more information

very good I screamed noooooo when  the demo end I want merman to help humans :O >3> maybe fall in with the captain or the prince <3 or you best friend you know wall them are good choices :D

very good I can't wait for an update :D

I really like this game and I love the fact I can have Theo and Viktor both in poly <3 thou do like Lucien and wraith I am curious about them

I love it? I mean it the most shortest demo I have ever played so its hard to say lol

Lmao a cat

Thank you so much you beautiful genius I love those in story :D keep up the awesome work <3!

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I really like this game >3> the three men they are all cute yumm >///< and NSFW <3 Love it even more! I hope to see some more <3 keep up the amazing work <3

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 Love this game <3 so you can have poly with Alex and Grayson? :o they love each other and my mc and mc loving them both? >.>???<3

Love it so much I cry a alot for the mc D:

I had to read it again and I can't wait have poly relationship with Max and Alex :D <3

I read again because so good :O and I don't want vengeance well I think best way to go live as best you can and rub it in their face because your better than them and you will not go down that route like they did :D >.> and my guy to be in love with the kings son :D 

Such a super cute game :D grim he so cute and character creation

really good I love it and I love my character he soo cute :D grim and him will be happy together <3 hehe =////=

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Really like this odd but fun my fav is Brattan i love his happy ending and yiestol >.> even thou when he bonds with freaky >_> and uh lol,where they  live kinda reminds zergs from star craft XD

omg so cute I love the yeti and the loner bird and most of all the spider SHE SO CUTE XD!!


I love Crows new design he so damn cute <3 amazing job and congratz on having full control <3 I bet its the best feeling in the world :D

I love how all our boys are Yanderes >3> *hugs them all*

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omg >O> you made the emo boy a love interest :O OOO I can't wait to love them all <3 mostly sunny jack xD he's my fav oo and Shaun he cute too <3.

>_< can't wait this game sooo good :D amazing job <3!

No twitter but I will so buy it on Itch

Really good :D Can't wait for more <3!

I love Chester Can't wait to romance him <3 :D Love it !!!

Awesome :O! >3> maybe someday I like to see how he got like this with mc

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KINNNG and  Garrett are my fav <3 >///<!!! The boys are amazing <3 <3 and damn I feel sorry for the mc D:

ahh ok so the game not out yet :O I know going to be amazing just like the others <3

Love it and I love the vampires more than elves due the fact they like you more but I do like your character being half of both and having physical and magical power and have both you parents hair and eye color at the same time love it and my fav love is vampire second-in-command >3> I think my mc he and him will get alone very well >///<