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>3> I really love this game<3 GO RAIDEN!! <3 >3< love him soo much!

O3o TY <3!! <.< love the name vexx <3

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>3> the man in the end of chapter 2 <.< is he a romance? >3> plz tell me he is <3 I LOVE THIS GAME DX!!

Really love this game and the fact you can be a half Fae is great, can't wait till fully out <3

I REALLY  love this game<3! I can't wait for chapter 3 <3 Keep up the great work :D

Same I would love Ash Shika with Paris <3

I hope you feel better and I hope you will be able find someone to take over, This is a really good game and it would be a shame that it would go to waist. Good luck and be well <3

I agree Harun good ending is my Fav <3

Thank you XD , I got the good ending of the main two so yay <3 \o/ sorry to bug you about it >_< awesome game BTW <3

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Q,Q Are the hearts a good thing?because no matter what i pick or do DX i can't get a good ending or bad DX

yay can't wait :O \o/!!! THREE DAY <3!!!


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I love Even more now there is voice acting XD male ash voices Are AWESOME XD suits them,Awesome work on the game and good job voice actors <3! (Well Will be voice acting XD sorry)

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This game so funny I love it, XD I love Karn

I love it so cute My fav is the main charater soooo cute <3

I really love thia game all the charaters are soooo cute, I love main charater >3< <3 too 

I really love this game! I love Teo and percy <3 I can't Wait for the full game :D

I love This game it's great <3

Love this game can't wait for more <3