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Long story short, Steam is forced to comply with German laws.

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Hi Papierbluete. To answer your questions:

  • The adult patch, like all adult content on Steam, are banned in Germany
  • We are literally not allowed to talk about the adult patch, or even IMPLY THE EXISTENCE of the adult patch on Steam. Not in the product page, not inside the game itself and not in the newsletters
  • What you're asking is thus completely impossible, and outside of our control. Doing what you're asking would ban the entire game altogether from Germany. We know, it happened to us before
  • However, we put the adult patch for free on itchio here. You can place it inside a Steam-purchased game
  • On itchio, we have no such restrictions. The game comes uncensored by default on the itchio version.

Is there any particular reason you're using Textractor?

Danya - Sarifus
Brahve - Mylo Reid
Juniper - Aife_VA

Hope that helps!

Hola ! Si compraste el juego en Steam, envíanos el comprobante de compra (por ejemplo, correo electrónico de confirmación) al siguiente correo electrónico: This link should work.


He only feels the need to smoke in the Cayama story!

It is! What's currently in development is the fandisk / extension of the main game's endings.

Hé je suis français aussi ! :D

I think that profile settings just means "since you're an adult game dev there's no point other adult games for you", which applies to games your account sees and not how user see you own games.

I'm wondering about the NSFW "category" on itchio, which seems to show all adult-rated games:

This is different from the NSFW tag, which only shows games with the "NSFW" tag:

Just to clear up any confusion: I am NOT considering this method for our own games. Most of me and my associate's game revenue comes from Steam from full game releases anyway. I am asking because that "update = new game" thing is a practice that's common enough to be a running question among the gamedev community I regularly post in.

And if it's common enough for some devs to try pulling it off, then it means it's working to some degree for some of them.

Thanks for the clarification, that's what I was thinking too.

What would happen if a game dev kept doing this though? My understanding is that currently there is no system in place to prevent this from happening, aside from perhaps itchio staff not approving the game and/or approving it and not putting it in the New category and thus severely reducing the "update game"'s reach.

This is a discussion I've been having with other developers on whether his is allowed on itch or not.

Let's say I want my project to appear in the New section as often as possible. In order to do that, I publish the version 0.1 of my game and offer it up for $5 in purchase or donation. The next month, I hide version 0.1 page, create a new one with version 0.2 of my game and sell it for $5 and publish it, rinse and repeat every month and every content update.

In this scenario, people who purchased older versions can still see and download them, but they'd have to pay me $5 again and again at every update, because these will be considered different products on itch.

Is this allowed on itchio, or would we eventually be asked to stop doing that and keep everything in a single project?

Does anyone know?

I see that there is a "nsfw" game category that is NOT a tag. It appears occasionally in the itch referral dashboard.

I have 2 question :

  • how do games get put in this category? Does it happen where the "mature content" box is ticked in the project's metadata?
  • how do itchio users reach this page? I don't think I've seen any link to it while browing games.
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Everything is included in the $105 pack, including the After Stories!

In fact, should be able to see the Early Access version of the After Stories in this page's downloads.



Hi mbowman!

On release, the After Stories will be downloadable in the main game page ( so you will automatically get access to it. We'll also create an "After Stories"-only itch product page for people who want to buy it separately. Hope that answers your question!

I hope you at least purchased our game and didn't just pirate it on f95 before requesting us to change it to your personal liking.

Thanks for the kind words! We hope that you can enjoy both stories fully.

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Hello! If you mean to try the SFW demo it's the "The Symbiant SFW DEMO for PC" option.


Hope you liked the ride! :D

In the first after story that takes places after that ending, Danya and Brahve definitely need to work harder to get their (eventual) happy ending.

Sometimes I read something and I just know it comes from a F95 user.

Glad you and your girlfriend enjoyed the game! :D

Hi can you please show us the error message?

Please send us an email through so we can figure something out. If your payment didn't work that means you were NOT charged.

Additionally, if itch doesn't work for you, you can try buying the game on Steam instead:

Hi Jaunathan, this is a common issue if your graphic card drivers are out of date or if you're using an old computer.  

You can try the following method:

  1.  hold the SHIFT key while clicking the game launch button
  2.  a grey screen will appear instead of the game, that's normal
  3. select "Force GL2 Renderer", then "Quit"
  4. Restart the game.
  5. If the issue persists, go to that grey menu again and select "Force ANGLE2" Renderer" instead

Please let us know if that helps. As for the second question, the After Stories aren't out yet because we haven't finished making them...! That's why purchasing their "tier" right now counts as a pre-order. You will be notified when they are out. We are hoping for Q1 next year.

So, about that.. we have received a confirmation from Valve that they have been contacted by Roskomnadzor demanding that they permanently remove the app from the region. Which means that Russia officially banned the game. :(

Thanks for the kind words! <3

To sum it up:

  • $28 purchase will unlock the After Stories after we've finished and fully released them
  • $105 purchase gives you early access to the After Stories, which is otherwise only accessible on Patreon right now

Hope that helps.

Hello! The After Stories aren't out yet, so if you paid $28 or more, you get the game and a pre-order of the After Stories. We're planning on releasing them on Feb 2024 at the latest date but hopefully sooner than that.

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This is very upsetting because Russian is the first language The Symbiant was translated to and we know many SMB fans are from Russia.

But aside from asking them what happened, there is nothing we can actually do on our own to reverse the ban beside asking nicely. Perhaps they will answer faster if a lot of people ask them directly (through forums? creating a ticket? an email? I don't know) but we don't want to get other BL game developers and Russian fans in trouble either.

My Time at Portia's case is quite different, and they don't seem to speak English, so I'm not sure they will be able to help us. Thanks for the info bit though!

Enjoy the lewds! =D

Hello! You are in the right place to get the patch. It's the "adultpatch.rpa" file in the demo download section and it's free!

If you need instructions on how to install it, you can read them here.

No worries, we really hope Steam unbans the game. As it turns out they're the ones who did the ban, not Russian authorities.

Itchio accepts Paypal and Stripe (credit card), but we're not sure it's going to work for you.

We asked Steam staff about it last week and we haven't gotten any proper answer from them. All we know right now is that Valve is the one who banned the game from Russia, not the Russian authorities. We asked them on un-ban the game, but we can't guarantee anything. :(


Thanks for leaving these super sweet words on this page! We're glad you enjoyed the game <3