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release date?

A topic by Sandpixie created Mar 28, 2017 Views: 768 Replies: 5
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heya! super excited for this, do you maybe have an estimated ETA? :)


Ideally it'll be released in June, but if the KS doesn't get funded, the date may be pushed back to around August. Although there are already a couple of factors that may delay the release even if KS is funded (most of our potential voice actors are in UK/Australia). It'll definitely be released this year though!

Hi! Just came across this game and fell in love with the demo. The art and music are beautiful and I really like the protagonist's personality, and it's a really fun read! I'm hyped for the full release! I'll try to expect it in August, that's when my birthday is anyway, so this would be a perfect present, and best case scenario, I'll be pleasantly surprised if you happen to launch earlier. :)

Since both June, and August have passed, do you have any clue for the games new release date? I'm interested in preordering, but its iffy when a date isn't out yet.


Due to some delays with our artist, we're now looking at a Nov-Dec release date. Since we only have one artist, we don't want to injure her by rushing her with work! 

It seems there are a lot of visual novel games that have had "release dates" come and go. This is why I don't spend money on anything until the finished product is released (if ever) because, why put money towards something when the creators can't meet the deadlines?