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Wish they'd said something on here considering I'm not a backer, but I have preordered the game. rip lol

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Yeah to be honest they should have been giving regular updates here (you put up money before they had even released the product or even a demo so you have just as much right to be informed about the progress of the game) but to be honest the updates to the backers themselves were sparse and infrequent, instead they were mostly posting on their social media accounts about a completely different game that they were working on. I've played MDSOA and enjoyed it so I believe Echoes will be good too (I'm looking forward to playing as Aurelia, the MC from MDSOA was cool but Aurelia is A+) but they really have to work on communicating with those who chose to support their projects financially in much better fashion, especially if a problem arises while working on that said project. At least it is still going to be released I guess.