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I know this is years too late and probably undermining your effort in this, but check out Shadowmatic, it's 99% the same

That title!

The art is unique! This can be expanded to a big story :)

The two little bots are cute! I was a little confused though, is the two buttons separated far away level solvable?

OMG this is so trippy and even a bit creepy, I can't even tell is the ball glitched - the current version kinda feels like a good match to that crazy(?) computer character. This is built so well too.

While I can't really say this is the first of its kind (seen a few with exact same mechanics and gameplay), 1000% superb art and style! Like how could you imagine the end of level is the eyeless head of a toad!

Love the visuals style!

I am here for the Adventure Time reference yay

Is it just me or controlling both players by myself really is more fun than playing with a friend  xD

The flipping controls is a nice touch to the mechanism. Level design is the best part of this game!

Art is good and good choice on the music!
Took me a while to realize I can't drag and drop heroes to the quests but have to right click first then left click to assign (is that not intended?).

I think you don't really have to add timers in this game at all, or at least no like testing my reading speed and reflexes. With more information provided/discoverable to the player, the player can make more informed choices and this will become a good strategy/management game. In any case, there is great potential in the idea.

The music is giving me earworms and the retro synthwave art style is so awesome! However the rope-weapon would need a lot of rebalancing to make it more fun than what it is now.

I am surprised that there is so much detail in the lore - loved this kind of dumb sci-fi lore soooooo much, written within 48 hours is extra impressive! The presentation and flow is kind of complete which is good. The controls took me long to get used to, if mouse control is enabled (lmb + drag to select, rmb to shuffle) should make this much more enjoyable.

The mechanism is kinda fun! Would be great to see if it gets explored more so the levels are more playable.

I am amazed by how much this game is original and polished by quite a bit!

This is some space vegetable soup with cool graphics I would like to have another bowl  xD

I wonder if everything gets bigger will make this more fun?

Unfortunately game crashed after 30 seconds ;-; that happens

I like the gathering effect so much and the tossing part too, the color scheme is another big thing! Would love to see how far you can take this to.

Really loved the concept of stages of grief, but can't get the game to load ;-; will come back later

I can smell there is a lot of puzzle solving can happen from this!

Hey there, unfortunately this is it within the jam time limit, but we will update it after the rating period so make sure to come back and check again!

Game is well polished and I love the music so much!