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Thank you Nekkohime!!

I'm glad you like the combination of artstyles we used Pandatzo! It was a lot of experimentation, but we're happy how it turned out in the end! I agree that Danae did a great job on the music!

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Thank you so much Droefkalkoen, we tried our best! :D

Thanks Bas, the Duck was an easter egg to our previous Global Game Jam entrance (Quackromancer : Ducktape Repair).

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Really creative concept that really brings back the memories from walking with my dog and depending on the time and where I go having a chance to meet people! Great job!

Love this mouse based platformer. Easy to learn, hard to master!

Trippy and fun!

Thank you, definitely check out Audune Games / Danae Dekker, she did a fantastic job on the soundtrack!

Thank you Jessica! :D

Really pretty, don't starve vibes as well! Trees were a bit difficult to dodge, but great ambiance and atmosphere. Lovely poetry!

Really, love the interpretation and the personal message found in this game, the particle systems resembling memories are stunning.

Controls were a bit iffy, but I like the visual style and character design.

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Hey Nathan, that's unfortunate. :c We'll do our best to improve the performance!

(We just uploaded a performance version, it's a bit bigger but it should run better!)

Creative concept! Fun to play!

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Thanks Landerack! We're glad you liked the controls! We really tried to make the player feel as close to being a playful pixie as possible! ^-^

Thank you Thine, happy to hear it brought you a laugh! :D

The shadow cat is really cool!

I "LAF"' the game, fun mechanics and cute aesthetic.

It reminded me of minesweeper. The art was quite detailed, and the gimmick was very funny to play. The camera zoom speed was a bit hard to work with, but overal a fun, complete and polished game!

Levels are funny! I'd say adding a little bit more acceleration and top speed could make some of the controls a bit more engaging!

Mesmerizing camera work. 2nd puzzle was a bit confusing but it was a lot of fun nonetheless!

Thanks for playing Shikarixx! :D Happy to hear you like it! Agreed that the controls could use some polish in their sensitivity!

Really creative! Love it!

Thanks Josien, I hope you enjoyed the little easter egg we threw in related to the game we made together last year! ;-)

Thanks Siegio! ^-^

What a beautiful interpretation of the theme, and the pixel art is stunning!

Amazing pixel art! It's better to try and fail than to never try! That experience will only make you better!

Turned out great! We love it!

We're happy that you think so! :-) Thanks for taking a look!

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Happy to hear you like it! :D (Please do try the performance edition if the stutter was bothering you!)

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Thanks for playing! We have improved some critical performance bugs.

We're happy to hear you like it! <3

Thanks for playing, we can't say too much, but we're certainly looking to make more out of this railrollercoaster.

From the sounds of it the game made your mind a bit of a trainwreck! 

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Glad to hear you're having fun, nothing is better than a good laughter! Unfortunate to hear you lost track of your train! We'll look into it!

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Like Trains? Like Explosions?

During the Global Game Jam of 2018, in 48 hours, we at CoolCast made a crazy isometric train simulator which is about keeping people on your train or swinging them off so that they explode.

We would really like to hear your thoughts and if / why you like the game!

If there's enough interest we will further develop the game with more polish, more explosions and in all likelihood, exploding cows.


Might as well make a sequel called Trainsmissing. We hope you've had fun!

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We had some fun bugs during development as well! Hope that you enjoyed playing!

You're absolutely welcome to cover our game, we hope you've had a blast playing it!

Dat is vervelend om te horen, we zijn er bewust van en zijn druk bezig om te kijken of hiervoor een oplossing te vinden is. Tot die tijd kan je kijken of het werkt door het te openen met We horen graag of dat werkt.