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Yoo what a cute fox! Made it to the end! Good job!
I think it would be a little more convenient if the fox made you walk slower and you had a reason to not always have it on your back.

Aww, that's a really cute game you made! I enjoyed all the stories and abviously the visuals c:
There is no way to throw away a drink you made by mistake (or maybe there is but I haven't found it )
Why "little corporate slave" at the end? I don't find it cozy tbh :0

A very smart puzzle game with a good exploration of the core mechanics! I really like that you added some story to the game, the music fits very well and the overall presentation is top notch.
I was a lil bit confused with changing numbers on the left sticker, but still finished the game so I think it's ok.
Very well done!

This game is literally a souls-like platformer!
I really like the mechanic, the level was designed to trick players and thats what you can expect from a hardcore platformer. I enjoyed playing it, also got frustrated after falling as much as in "Getting over It" and had to quit for the sake of my sanity :')
Very well done!

Thank you very much for your feedback and for playing the game! :)
You are right, we were inspired by Inscryption and it is very nice that you noticed! This jam was a tough challenge and we had almost no time to make more levels. I think it's a good planning lesson)

10/10, Dragons do like sausages tho!

This game is really good. Like really good. Simple but clever mechanic with the evolution of player priorities and strategy. It just feels polished! Well done!

Hey, thanks for the feedback! This cool effect is called dithering. We used this image effect shader to achieve such style.

Okay that was really fun! Controlling ship in such way is a crazy mechanic, good job. It's hard to "park" your ship on the island though. Controls are very sensitive and it feels like a really easy thing to fall of the ship if you are not that accurate.

Generally I think the idea is really cool, it just needs more polish on controls and ship behaviour.

I enjoyed the puzzles, and I think they are good for the jam! But the boss fight.... was really hard. THAT CAT IS A PURE EVIL!!!

Very juicy sounds! I had a beautiful strategy of spamming all the buttons, so I'm never losing but never getting a good score either. But It's just fun to smash these little guys!! Well done!

Thank you for playing it! I did the visual part of the game and actually tried to recreate Godus visuals. Good thing you noticed)

We were very late with testing, so we didn't manage to fix many bugs. Yes, the application dies on restarting the game :( Sorry it caused some trouble.

It was beautiful! I can feel the quality of levels, art direction and game design. Seems on a first glance like something wobbly and bizzare (and it is, actually :p) but in reality NumbSkull is a very polished and fun puzzle! Instant favorite.

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I like the fact that AK, a very reliable rifle, could be destroyed by throwing it on the floor :)

It was really fun to play, well done!

The atmosphere on a tutorial level well supports "secret agent" theme, but on the second one it was lost to me a little bit, mainly because of the lighting.

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This game  went hard for me. When you start playing it you need to read instructions but also you have to react to the game process, but you can't because you don't understand what to do. Maybe a solution here is to give some time to figure out the game process before the game starts.

The mechanic is good, but sometimes enemies spawn too close to the player, and because of it you don't have enough time to rotate and shoot.

I think that's a good start, a little bit of polishing and the game will be much better.
Anyway, I hope you had fun during development!

Wow! Thanks a lot for your feedback!! I have found that a lot of people who played the game had the same problem with camera and with understanding how bullets work. 

Interesting thing is that a simple goal (like score points requirement) can "hook" the player for longer game sessions. For example, my friend played this game for an hour just because I told him that he must get 50 points.. And he did it, while having a great time learning mechanics!

Btw his record is 56)

That's why I love game jams!

I really like rythm games and this one went pretty cool! Good job!
One interesting thing is that all my attention was on buttons, so I wasn't look at zombies at all, idk is that a problem, just my experience.
And the music fits nice)

I love this game and mostly sound effects! I don't quite understand how to not take damage from enemies, but it was very funny to chop all this v e g e t a b l e demons! 5 star art tho)

I love this game. And here is why:
First of all, this cute cat is awesome! Character design made me the #1 fan of the game! Sound design feels nice and dives you into the space setting. 10/10. Future idea: let it meow ;)
I love the concept, especially how cat moves in zero G. Some interactible objects in my opinion doesn't give enough information about their functionality, but you can always just try, and won't lose immediately. So, not really an issue.
I really had a great experience with this game. Thanks alot for making it! Can't wait to see your future games!

This game is absolute meowsterpiece!

Thank you for playing! Actually, I didn't had enough time to polish mechanics and implement some boosters or epic buffs, but next time I'll be more efficient with all the tools.
Anyway, thanks for giving feedback! It really means alot to me c:
About to play your game now!)

Outstanding! I love the story and how player's decisions impact on future. The money-farming process becomes really hard if you are not focused on buying gun upgrades, however your crewmates still with you right? ;) The art part feels consistent and fits the setting nicely.
Well done! //Waiting for future games//

I love the soundtrack! Art is great, puzzles not really complicated(and I don't think they should've be), but they do their job really well. And the plot twist... yeah, I wish I could kill him on the second playthrough :)

Thank you for playing! c: