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Thanks for playing! I enjoyed the stream a lot .

Impressive art for so little time, good job!

Thank you! It might be a cool improvement for the future :)

Thank you for playing! I took the theme in a more literal way. Each digit (0/1) is a bit ( and the game asks you to complete a sequence of 8 of them each time. 

Thank you! I had great fun developing it :)

Está genial, enhorabuena. Me encanta el estilo gráfico!

Updated with:

  • More sounds
  • Pause
  • Music toggle

Updated with:

  • Hi-score.
  • Fixed bugs

Thank you for trying the game! I was having issues generating a solvable level and sometimes takes too long, it is a matter of luck really. You can download the PC version where you will not have the issue of the process closing.

Google Play available!

Major update with:

  • Main menu
  • Level selection
  • Hardcore mode- Only 1 life, no stored memories
  • In game options menu
  • Android build

Hello Keyband! I am glad you liked the game, i had a great time developing :) 

  • I like that you used the stored memories mechanics, i thought that maybe it was a bit hidden and the regular player would not use it. 
  • Thank you about the design, more than half of development time was level design. I tried to make an easy start and increase difficulty slowly, howeveri think that some levels (level 10 for example) are a bit unbalanced (at least the first time playing).
  • About the bug in the last level, thank you for pointing it out. I will fix it in a new release soon.
  • I think that a score system would be a nice fit! But first i am developing at the moment a level selection menu and a hardcore mode (only 1 live, no stored memories), i hope you find it interesting!

Thank you for your comments, I am very happy with the feedback that you guys are giving me. I will try to release a mobile version soon (it is about 70% complete).

I fixed the game if you are curious about the final levels. Regards!

Thank you for your comments m.zadz, I also find them extremely interesting!

  • I was not aware that the build had that bug, sorry about that. I am uploading a new version after i write this post, I disabled the UI for designing the level and left it out when building, some scripts were affected by this change causing the misbehaviour,
  • Great idea with the level selection menu! No doubt i will do it.
  • I am glad that you liked the difficulty, i was a bit worried about it.

Thank you again and i hope you had a good time!

Thank you for playing Quinn! Your comments are very interesting.

  • The concept of Level 7 was the one you said, break a bit the non-writen rule of gaming that says that if a object is in the game world, it must be for something. 
  • Level 10 is a hell level. I think that maybe i was too hard in this one and it is placed very early on. Maybe i move this one as level 16 or so.
  • Memory games are tricky and as i learned in this experience, hard to design because  as i already know the layout of the levels, the memory part is small in my debug and level balancing.

I hope you had a good time!

Nice game! I love the idea and the gameplay is simple but fun :)

Hello, my game is Maze memories

I would like some feedback on level design mainly. I want to know if the game is too difficult or too easy, Also it would be cool if you saif you miss some features that would improve the gameplay.

My goal is to fix some minor bugs and add mobile touch support for releasing in Google Play.

Thank you a lot!

Last update with 19 levels and an ending scene.

Thanks celiawrite, i am glad you like it!! I didn't finish the game yet, will update it soon with more levels.

Nice game, i liked the narrative a lot!


  • Added an option to activate memory time pressing SPACE.   Completing a level grant 0.25 seconds of memory time (accumulative).
  • Added small info window with the controls at the first level.

More news:

  • Implemented Ceiling trap tile. After stepping out this tile, it becomes an obstacle.
  • Added 3 more levels!
  • Redesigned few levels

More news:

  • Implemented Ceiling trap tile. After stepping out this tile, it becomes an obstacle.
  • Added 3 more levels!
  • Redesigned few levels

Thank you for the feedback :) I am aware of the bug, it will be fixed in the next update! 

Memory games are great, i enjoy them a lot. I will try your game too :)

Thank you! These days i will try to make a bunch of levels so the game doesn't feel too short.

I hope you enjoy it as much as i did developing :D

Updated with:

  • Added teleport tiles.
  • Some levels grant an extra life after completing.
  • 3 more levels.

Updated with:

  • Added teleport tiles.
  • Some levels grant an extra life after completing.
  • 3 more levels.

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    Hello! I am here to announce the publishing of the demo of Maze memories,  a memory game for the jam My first game jam: Winter 2018

    The goal of the game is to reach the stairs in each floor. To do so, you will have 5 seconds to memorize the layout of the level and then find your way out!

    At the moment, only 10 levels are done but by the end of the Jam I will design 20 more levels aprox. Any feedback is welcome :)

    Have fun!


    I uploaded a early version in, feel free to try it out :)

    Thank you for your comments! Today I designed few more levels and added spikes to the mix, also some sound effects.

    This is how it looks now:

    Thank you for your comment :) Yes, i have a mobile version but for publishing in the store i would like to add first few more sound effects and maybe a leaderboard.

    News so far:

    • Changed a bit the visual style
    • Designed few more levels.

    Hello! I am Miguel from Spain. This is my second jam ever (first was Minimalistic Jam 2 with

    This time i will be developing a simple memory game. Here we go!

    • Name: Maze memories
    • Genre: Memory / puzzle
    • Engine/Framework: Unity
    • Mechanics:
      • The player must reach the goal (star) in the level in order to advance.  It is done moving the player in a grid tile.
      • At the beginning of the level, you can get a look what the level looks like, for about 5 seconds (may change).
      • After that time, all tiles except the one with the player and the one with the goal will be hidden. The player must remember the way to the goal in order to reach it.
      • For avoiding random movements, there will be a step limit each level. If the player takes more steps than allowed, level must be restarted.
      • Special tiles:
        • Obstacles: trying to go into an obstacle will consume an step and reveal the tile but the player cannot move into it.
        • Door: same as an obstacle unless the player have any key, if he has a key, the door will disapear when steping into its tile.
        • Key: the player will get a key when he steps into its tile. The key will disapear then.
        • Spikes: stepping into this tile will mean instant restart.

    Memories time:

    Regular gameplay:

    Key / door example:

    What's done so far:

    • Main objects in the game (tiles, objects, player...).
    • Main mechanics:
      • Hide / show tiles
      • Movement
      • Keys and doors
    • Simple sound before starting a level (memory time).
    • Added noise filter in memory time.

    What's left:

    • Design a lot more levels.
    • Implement spike tiles.
    • More sound effects.
    • Implement mobile touch controls.
    • Implement short memory time after the level starts (bonus like).

    I hope you like it! Any feedback is welcome :)

    Love the visuals! 

    Nice game, simple but fun.

    Thank you all for playing, i hope you like it :)

    Hello there, i just submitted my game to the Minimalistic Jam 2,

    It is a simple game for time perception. You must press any key each second for lowering a cube and hit the marks below. As long as you keep doing it right, difficulty will improve by decreasing the size of the cube.

    Feedback is greatly appreciated :) Enjoy!