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Hello Keyband! I am glad you liked the game, i had a great time developing :) 

  • I like that you used the stored memories mechanics, i thought that maybe it was a bit hidden and the regular player would not use it. 
  • Thank you about the design, more than half of development time was level design. I tried to make an easy start and increase difficulty slowly, howeveri think that some levels (level 10 for example) are a bit unbalanced (at least the first time playing).
  • About the bug in the last level, thank you for pointing it out. I will fix it in a new release soon.
  • I think that a score system would be a nice fit! But first i am developing at the moment a level selection menu and a hardcore mode (only 1 live, no stored memories), i hope you find it interesting!

Thank you for your comments, I am very happy with the feedback that you guys are giving me. I will try to release a mobile version soon (it is about 70% complete).