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[Devlog] Maze memories

A topic by Comodoro created Jan 08, 2018 Views: 362 Replies: 12
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Hello! I am Miguel from Spain. This is my second jam ever (first was Minimalistic Jam 2 with

This time i will be developing a simple memory game. Here we go!

  • Name: Maze memories
  • Genre: Memory / puzzle
  • Engine/Framework: Unity
  • Mechanics:
    • The player must reach the goal (star) in the level in order to advance.  It is done moving the player in a grid tile.
    • At the beginning of the level, you can get a look what the level looks like, for about 5 seconds (may change).
    • After that time, all tiles except the one with the player and the one with the goal will be hidden. The player must remember the way to the goal in order to reach it.
    • For avoiding random movements, there will be a step limit each level. If the player takes more steps than allowed, level must be restarted.
    • Special tiles:
      • Obstacles: trying to go into an obstacle will consume an step and reveal the tile but the player cannot move into it.
      • Door: same as an obstacle unless the player have any key, if he has a key, the door will disapear when steping into its tile.
      • Key: the player will get a key when he steps into its tile. The key will disapear then.
      • Spikes: stepping into this tile will mean instant restart.

Memories time:

Regular gameplay:

Key / door example:

What's done so far:

  • Main objects in the game (tiles, objects, player...).
  • Main mechanics:
    • Hide / show tiles
    • Movement
    • Keys and doors
  • Simple sound before starting a level (memory time).
  • Added noise filter in memory time.

What's left:

  • Design a lot more levels.
  • Implement spike tiles.
  • More sound effects.
  • Implement mobile touch controls.
  • Implement short memory time after the level starts (bonus like).

I hope you like it! Any feedback is welcome :)


News so far:

  • Changed a bit the visual style
  • Designed few more levels.

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Hi, you're game looks pretty cool, and it even have some kind of training applications for memory. Keep going ! 👍


hey miguel! this is a really well scoped-game--you've got a very easy to pick up game concept and it's awesome you're already adding content like extra levels and are planning for mobile controls. great work so far--if you get the chance to record a gif or video it'd be cool to see it in action!


Thank you for your comments! Today I designed few more levels and added spikes to the mix, also some sound effects.

This is how it looks now:


I uploaded a early version in, feel free to try it out :)


Congratulations on getting your game playable! Your level design is very good so far - it eases you in, but Floor 7 still caught me out. Well done, hope the rest of your level design goes smoothly :)


Updated with:

  • Added teleport tiles.
  • Some levels grant an extra life after completing.
  • 3 more levels.


    More news:

    • Implemented Ceiling trap tile. After stepping out this tile, it becomes an obstacle.
    • Added 3 more levels!
    • Redesigned few levels


    • Added an option to activate memory time pressing SPACE.   Completing a level grant 0.25 seconds of memory time (accumulative).
    • Added small info window with the controls at the first level.

    Last update with 19 levels and an ending scene.


    Major update with:

    • Main menu
    • Level selection
    • Hardcore mode- Only 1 life, no stored memories
    • In game options menu
    • Android build

    Google Play available!