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You are totally right there should be less ingredients or more potions.

I think that the problem of having more damage potions making the game too straightforward could be solved by making damage potions that need to be used smartly like potions that only works on walls, a potion that make the floor inflammed where you walked or a potion that push the monster touched making him deal damage to the monsters he enter in collision with. So that the player will need to think about good timings to use them and the position of the monsters, it would even make the "effect" potions more interesting because they would help you to put the monsters in positions where your damage potions are even more effective.

For the softlock part maybe the boss could drop some ingredient when you hit him and some ingredients could spawn around him (Like a worms boss which have horms getting out of the rock around him.) but the boss will need to be agressive in this phases so that the player can't exploit too much those drops.

The game is really cool. The idea is very interesting and the principles of making the environnement move only when the player moves works very well with the concept. The design of the ennemies is also very cool for a jam. I could really see myself playing this game if it had more content. I also think that it would benefit to have more roguelike aspects. 

I feel like that the ingredients needed for potion that kills ennemies should appear more, because the runs without damage potions are pretty frustrating. I feel like "effect" potions are only funny in combinations with damage potions.

Also i don't know if it's intended but it feels like running trought rooms until you find the ladder and just dodging ennemies is the better strategie, but i don't think it is the best way to experience the game and encourage the player to not use the main concept of the game, so i think the gameplay should prevent the player from using it. Maybe by making the ennemies drop more items, a boss every floor or a key system.

In a nutshell very good idea and good implementation of it. Could be a really good roguelike if developed !

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[RELEASE 01/21]

Hi, it's been a while that I haven't posted on the devLog! The reason is that I had some problems that took all my time from monday to friday. So I only had 2 days left to try to make a playable demo of Kaleb, so I preferred to use all the time I had to develop my game and I put the devLog in standby.

But at the end, I did manage to release a demo of Kaleb, it's not really what I expected to produce but it's not that horrible, I will tell you more on my Post-Mortem.

So if you were interested about the possibilities of what I have shown on the devLog and more feel free to visit the page of Kaleb and leaving me some feedback (Even negative ones of course) :

Thank you for following Kaleb and I hope that you're jam ended well !

Really cool game, I would definitely play the whole game if you continue the dev.

(I think that I have encountered a bug : the last level have no UI and never restart if I fail.)

[DAY 3 (13/01]

Welcome back to my devLog, today I wanted to start the level design but the programming part is taking way more time than I would have thought.

I worked on two others cards that I wanted to implement : The Fly Card and the Gravity Card. 

The Fly card prevents the entity equipped with it from falling. It was pretty easy to make but the next was really more complicated.

The Gravity card moves from 90° the gravity of the entity equipped with. I thought that it wouldn't be too complex, but it actually took me all the time I spend working today. The hard part was that I had the rethink all my previous jumping and moving systems to fit with a changing gravity which was honestly ... a pain . 

But this two cards are now working here is little example :

As you can see each Gravity card added turn the gravity from 90* for Kaleb.

I'm pretty happy with how it works, now I need to make some few more memory cards to have my set of cards complete. I hope that I will manage to make some interesting levels with this tools.

As always thank you for reading :) , and see you tomorrow !

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I hadn't seen it this way but you are right the puzzle that this system could create can look like the puzzles of this kind of games. 

And thank you !

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Thank you  ! I hope that you won't get disappointed.

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[DAY 2 (12/01)]

Hello again, today I tried to improve the drag and drop system that I did yesterday. The problem of the system was that it can't handle when multiple versions of a memory card were equipped to the same entity. I thought it would be easy to modify it but I actually had to rebuild my system from nothing to make it handle this situation. So I took advantage of it by implementing an additive system where the more memory cards are equipped to an entity the stronger the effect of the card is.  Here is an example of how it works :

I also work on some new types of cards the Enlarge Card and the Jump Card, the Enlarge card makes the size of the entity increases and the Jump Card make the entity jump when it hits the ground. Here are how they work and combine :

Now that my basic system is working properly I hope to start the level design soon.

So this is all I have done today, it tooks me more time than I would like but I think that I will manage to get the project at an acceptable stage.

Again, thank you for reading and see you tomorrow !

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Hi everyone, I'm Sirius, I think that making a devLog could help me to stay motivated, so here it is !  This is my first JAM, and I have never done some game development before so this Jam is a  pretty much a big challenge for me. My goals are to learn things about game design and to get acquainted with the gamedev softwares.  I'm coming a bit late because I had some exams last week. 

For this JAM I will be using Construct 2, because it looks pretty easy to learn and friendly for people who don't know things about development.

[Concept of the game]

So, Kaleb is a puzzle game with a bit of platformer sides. Your goal is to guide to his deliverance a robot called Kaleb by making him cross different levels. The main mechanic of the game is that you are in a lab filled with a lot of robots, every robots have some abilities that is defined by its memory cards (Like walking forward, flying, being invulnerable to the fire,etc...). And the player is able to move this different memory cards from one robot to another (The A robot can jump and the B robot can walk, you can move the cards of the A and the B robots to make them immobile and make Kaleb move and jump), by doing so he needs to make Kaleb reach the end of the level and avoid the different dangers that menace him. 

[DAY 1 (01/11)]

Today I worked on the basic mechanic of the game : The moving and placement of the memory cards, I chose a drag and drop system where you take the card from an entity and then stick it to the entity of your choose by dropping the card on it. I also used a brightness effect to make it more easier to see when you have entered the hitbox of an entity. 

Here is a little example of what I made so far(I'm using modified royalty free assettes that I found because I don't have any skills in drawing, I will make assettes myself if I have the time)

(The blue card have no effect for the moment it's for the example.)

The system works pretty well I think but maybe the memory cards are a bit hard to see and grab so I will think of another style maybe. And the background is just temporary I will make a lab looking set.

So that's it for the day, thank for reading, see you tomorrow !

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Hi, you're game looks pretty cool, and it even have some kind of training applications for memory. Keep going ! 👍

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Hi, I really love the idea of your game, I think we need more games that are in closed-doors (Sorry if this is not the appropriate term, I'm not a native so I didn't knew what was the right expression to describe this feeling). I'm really interested about what you will produce !