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i hate this im sorry it exists

The Lick



Thanks! See yall in 170 ;)

Thanks lol. Crank that funky to Omega Funk Town.

Thanks! lmao i totally forgot to turn off the buttons on the rewind. I guess if you were precise and fast enough you could get DOUBLE the points.

Thanks! I agree with some of the notes being confusing. After a bit(just playing the game 100s of times to make sure it all works) of practice I was able to do it almost perfectly, however I constantly found it hard to press with index finger on one hand and middle finger on the other. Not sure why lol.

Thanks haha. When Riko (the person who did all the audio) sent me that file I felt the same way. 

Thanks! If we add controller support, what buttons would you want the notes to line up to? I honestly hadn't thought about using a controller for this game, but it might feel ok. Because of the split notes its hard for me to see what buttons it would use.


Thanks! I think the one thing we really missed was having sound feedback for note hits. Initially we had some different colored particles that stuck out a lot, but we wanted to stay true to the GameBoy colors. If we end up working on this after the jam, well definitely be adding some new songs!

I love the tile based system, super fun to draw and see the past. Pixel art looks great too.

Wow! thanks so much for the thoughtful response! I agree with all of your criticisms, most of which I'll just blame on it being a jam haha. I've worked with my group of friends on multiple games, but this one we scoped just right to make something were super proud of. Glad you enjoyed it! (as for user generated tracks, its possible because all of our tracks are just read in csv's that we can write in google sheets, however you would need a song that is separated into the different layers you want. worth looking into if we work on this game post jam) 

Cool spin on rewind. I had a similar idea while brainstorming but went with a different idea lol. I like relaxed but still focused gameplay. Feel free to rate my game when you get a chance too :)

Interesting idea. I like typing in the actual time for the time machine, I think its a cool touch. Feel free to rate my game as well :)

Cool levels, was fun to figure out the different puzzles. Rate my game if you have some time too!

Super intesting use of "rewind" haha. I like your games aesthetic. If you dont mind, check out my game too! 

Cool idea, Wish there were more levels! I'd appreciate a rating on my game too!

Cool idea, Wish there were more levels! I'd appreciate a rating on my game too!

We used a similar art style, check our our game too! Interesting was to use of time!

yoooo we had a similar idea in the color scheme! Love the idea for a tower defense with this "rewind" mechanic. Check out our games aesthetics, we use almost the same color palette, the game boy colors.



bro sick omg

bro sick omg