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But also, the thing is I also don't know what I need to work on in specific, and when I don't know how to do something especially when using an obscure  coding engine I just get stuck and stay stuck.

You're right I need to look into learning  the problem solving skills included with coding in general.

Yeah, I'm also struggling with motivation to code and finding time with school and practicing my coding skills

I have a shitty PC, so all the engines I want don't really work. Though, I have done some clearing space but the specs are pretty bad and it is a hand-me-down.

I've been coding on and off for about 3-4 years but it's all been non-witten coding and I've been trying to get better and improve but I honestly don't know where to start.

fr we thuggin 💀

what's your discord

wsp  what's your discord

Yes Zoro 😂

I sent you a friend request via discord, and I think we have an artist.


I'm thinking kind of like a platformer  with  items you can use to help you something along those lines

Do you know gdevelop?

The thing is I have ideas for games but I don't have them like fully thought out that's why I want a team so we can write down what we want.

I haven't quite thought it out yet, but I'm thinking of like a platformer/beat em up gam

I'm trying to make a game via gdevelop, I can do the gdevelop scripting but I'm fairly novice at the system.
I need an artist/map builder
I need a composer


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@LimeZu, do you know how to convert gifs to zip files? 

Np :)

your good at it

My only problem is the enemies are a little difficult to fight with only a punch attack because how much they bounce, will you add anything new in the future?

This game has so much potential :o

Seliel, for the reference photos do you hire a map builder or do you do it yourself?

Probaly not the end of the school year is coming up, maybe during Summer. I couldn't find anyone so I kind of put that project to the side for now.

W method

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I'll try to get opera gx soon I'm very excited to try it :D
I figured out  I can get it on google play, I might try it out in summer because I have school work I can't get distracted.

I'm not gonna lie, I do not know what HTML5 is but do you have a way to play it in browser or something available on chromebook?

I'd be on this game rn, if it wasn't for me being on chromebook.

For real, I can't even make 1  small panel of a  platformer, I wonder how they do it.

Yeah, I really like how your game looks, Definitley gonna try it out on release!

Does construct 3 require downloads, because I cannot work Linux to save my life.

Wow, I like it but, imagine instead of your vision having light the torches have a area of light?


I feel like you can have a good game with a silent protaganist if you do it right, for example undertale,mario etc. They have mostly silent protaganist but you still feel like you know the characters personality, it depends more on what type of game your going for. If you want to have a game that is exploration/ adventure you should probably have a speaking character but for games that are heavily fighting based like for example pokemon games it's better to keep your character silent because it's kind of the players character in a sense.

I didn't mean downloading the pack, I meant downloading the file that is used in risky lab it's  a file type that can't open on chromebook, so I just have a tilemap file that's deffective.

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Nope, I ony have chromebook so best i can do is hope for my mom to get me a pc
Edit: is there any in browser engine  for game creation  or teaching java/lua?

Hello zee! :)

No, But I'm planning on trying to compete in a game jam

Right now, just visual coding, but I really want to learn Csharp.

Yes , I'd like to have a pixel artist, I have some game idea's in mind but  we'd need a more experienced developer to help the team.