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This game is too hard for me. :(

Then again I am very bad at games....

How do you do the hairpin turn in map 9?

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A story of pure beauty. I wish to someday see this as a film.

Is this game finished?

Sometimes the game softlocks itself, and you have to restart and lose all of your progress.

Ah, sorry...

Great small game!

Not all laptops (like mine) have function keys. Maybe make the "~" key be another console key?

Hardware Tycoon community » Questions · Created a new topic No SSL
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How come when I go to the fandom from inside the game it doesn't establish an SSL connection with That's a big security risk.

Edit: It's making one now so maybe it was a bug?

0.2.11 soon??? 👀

Soon?? 👀

Is it possible to get no tea leaves pointing up?

You should add draws by 3 fold repetition. That means when a position has been reached for a 3rd time (usually by shuffling the same 2 pieces back and forth) the game is called a draw.

I used the scholar's mate to defeat the bot. If you don't know how that works, it's when white does something like 1.e4 a5 2.Qf3 b6 3.Bc4 h6 4.Qxf7# or 1.e4 e5 2.Qa5 Bd6 3.Bc4 a5 4.Qxf7#

Normal doesn't protect it's self against check mate. :/

Checkmated all of the bot with 3 moves each.

I can't beat the start ;-;

How do you join a championship? Whenever I click one it takes me back to the title screen. :(

How do you play the games? I'm on week 6 and no games have been played yet according to the fixtures tab. (The table tab is still grayed out to)

I see that you're redoing the sound effects on the trello page. I love the current sound effects. Right now I feel that they are one of the games biggest assets. For that reason I'm hoping you don't do anything drastic with the SFX. Then again, I'm only one voice of many. Looking forward to the things to come!


How did you get all of that in one photo? You know you can upgrade all of your basic homes at once in the living research center? Also, why landing crafts instead of teleporters? Why not scrapyard night clubs? 


Is there a timeframe for when the next update in going to come out?

Is there a timeframe for when you want the next update to be out?

Good game. More polish than I was expecting.

Is this game going to be updated, or is it a one off?

What if you could toggle the symbols? So when it is checked it would mean you have the more detailed symbols, and when it is unchecked you would see the classic symbols.


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Update: Yes! I got it!

I can't find a way to raid the second meeting (the one after Sathra dies) without dying :/ I believe that winning this battle will be the only way to save Cinethra. Any tips?

Good luck on the exams! Also, how do I participate in beta testing for the next update cycle?

Runtime error line 368 :(

Really! I'm so pumped! =D

well it looks like something didn't go as planned... :(

Enrolling in the magic academy is a lot enrolling in college... it puts you in a lot of debt.

"Well that's a bummer" I already love this game.