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This is a lot of fun!  I was pleasantly surprised that it saved my progress after I returned.  

Thank you!  I am glad you enjoyed the novelty of disposable space ships :-).

I know, right?  Big button that says Hyper drive, and your suit's A.I. cares more about your safety than science :-).  I really love playing Super Mario Galaxy, so thank you for the huge compliment!  Hopefully this is the first of many games where we will see that mechanic.

Thanks!  I spent about 30% of the time working on that part, and it was tricky, but I am rather happy with the results.   This proof-of-concept from 7 years ago provided some great tips:

Thanks for the feedback!  I have some ideas to improve performance, so I will move those up on the priority list.

This is an amazing VR card game.  Excellent visual details, engaging gameplay, and a great audio soundtrack. The world needs more games like this!

This is amazing!  I am a huge fan of card games In Real Life and in video games, and this is a very fun VR card game.

This was really well crafted, and I like that it has an actual story!  After about 10 minutes of practice and experimentation, I was getting pretty good at using the proper one-use-tool on the proper items, and I plan to play again to try and beat all 3 levels.  Great work for such a short amount of time!  (Played using the second build with Quest 2 via Air Link).

Excellent work for such a short time period!  The terrain, UI, and visual effects were all top-notch and well-synchronized.  I am a big fan of exploration games, so the large map with glowing markers was awesome!  I was not a fan of the turning mechanic (turn your head too far and the player starts to rotate), but props for trying something different!  I played the PCVR version with a Quest 2 via Air Link.

What a great gameplay mechanic!  I thoroughly enjoyed throwing exploding books at goblins.  Thanks for making this!

This was fun.  It took me a minute to realize that the colors of the items needed to match the color of the bins, but I found it quite engaging after that.  I like the terrain, and this is a great demo of Hexabody VR (I had not knowingly played any games that used it).  For a 9-day game jam, this is great work!

Thanks for playing, and thanks for the feedback!  I will find ways to make the controls a bit more intuitive next time.

Thanks for playing!  It was definitely on my priority list to place the ship near the departure planet, but I ran out of time.  I never did figure out how to fix the buttons.  The way you described it sounds about right, something about being rotated causes problems, like I'm using local coordinates instead of world coordinates somewhere (though I checked that).  I'll make a better button before my next game :-).

For Science!  I could not get my Valve Index controllers or Quest 2 controllers to work (I tried to edit bindings via Steam VR, to no avail).  But I really like the visuals and the idea.  Sometimes a simple gameplay mechanic is fun when it is well-executed, and this looks great!

I played this too long :-).  The art style is great and the gameplay is one of the more unique uses of physics objects that I've experienced.  Excellent work, and I can't wait to see what other games you make!

This was great fun!  I am impressed that you created so many levels, I really like the mechanics and the one-time use items.  The tutorial was very useful too. Great work!

This is my jam!  I am a big Synthwave fan, and you've captured both the aesthetic and the tunes :-). So few games use the Vive Trackers, I haven't even turned mine on in a couple of months.  Thank you for making this!  Also, it provided pleasant flashbacks to early 2000's, dancing with friends in an arcade.

Thank you!  I will try to find the time soon to make a Quest build.  

Thanks!  I would also love to use more the of the controls in the ship :).  

Awesome! Thank you for trying it and commenting!

This was a lot of fun!  I love the idea and the theme.