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I've just come back to this after being gone for a while, I am austistic and due to that create complex scenarios in my head, and your characters are my favourite to imagine. Particularly Chain, I always love to imagine would a route for him would look like, or even how he'd be able to slowly coexist with other beings with the protagonists help. So when I saw you may be making a Chain route, I was so happy. I almost exclusively played the game for him, Kaichi, and Roya (I hope those are their names it's been a while lol). I will be donating when I get a chance, I'm genuinely so excited. I know it may sound kinda lame but this game genuinely changed my life.

Cheating is not  the same as being a player. Some ensure all the people they are "with" are aware and okay with it. Like polyamory but without the commitment.

Thanks for responding so fast :D !!!  And as sad as I am that Santana is not an option, I am super happy that there will be a way to romance Leslie, as he is my third favourite character, so yay! And  I mean I can always write some fanfiction for Fenris and Santana (Who are my first two favourite characters lol (honestly why do I always fall in love with the characters that aren't choices XD  )) if you are okay with my writing fanfiction on your characters!

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I adore the game so far it is amazing, and I love all the characters, but, I must ask, who will be love interests? Since I don't think it said who the love interests are/will be in the desc, I wanted to ask this.  Also is Santana  going to be one?  Because honestly I am head over heels for him (despite the fact he can be a little violent sometimes... and rude... and occasionally steals things... XD). 

Sorry for such a late reply but I can understand why it would be difficult to make Dio  a love interest, but it would be amazing if he were to become one! (Although it would be a lot of extra work and very difficult to do, and like you said, it would be even harder since he's a god/demon thing)

  1. Reksa. If you asked me before I finised both of Rama's endings I would have said Rama, but he ended up being a... little weird... to say the least. He seemed to be insane, and normally I don't mind that, but he wasn't like a good type of insane, he was like a "please kill me I have no idea why any of us are alive what is life yada yada yada". I really liked Reksa and his personality and really wanted to punch Purba for being a d*ck.
  2. I played this game because I have played your other stuff and also I am obsessed with otome games and romance.
  3. I thought it was an amazing game and I would say mostly the art stood out to me as it was really good, and with Reksa his personality really stood out since it was so different to what you would think it would be.
  4. Yes, I would consider buying it, despite the fact I'm not allowed to buy games with my own money despite being 16 unless I beg to buy them.

My computer says it is already extracted but there is no Otomeru.exe anywhere

This is an amazing game so far, and the demo is so long! Without skipping anything it took me a day and a bit to finish. The longest demo I have ever played! I loved it, and the artwork and plot was amazing. There are some sentences that don't make sense but only two or three, and they don't add anything important anyway, so it isn't a problem. I love the characters and how they act, and how the main character is very relatable in many ways. I think that the way she acts towards Gunter is annoying though, so it would be pretty cool if we got more of a choice of how we first react to him (I am biased though since someone like Gunter is like almost my ideal guy). Will there ever be any way to get with Dio (I don't remember if that actually is his name but oh well), because so far Dio is my favourite character and he's only in it for like a minute. Also the minigame at the end is pretty cool, so that's a nice touch. I can't wait for the full game. If this demo is anything to go by, the full game is going to be amazing!

This is a pretty cool game, though I don't understand why Allaya hates players so much. I guess thats because I used to be one myself though. I would still be one if I didn't develope social anxiety and trust issues. Her hate for them seems a little OTT, and she's a massive bitch to Sean and Xei, which really pisses me off, though I'm not sure why because Sean seems like he deserves it. So far the game is pretty good but there were like 4 choices that currently change nothing in the game, but then again it IS a demo so all is good. Right now I would rate it like 7/10 but, once again, it's a demo, so it's fine.

I thought Mr Wolf  being shy really suited him, and making him a "bad boy" (not really sure what you mean by that) would completely ruin the plot and he'd likely end up as a jerk like the Bandage Guy.