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Arena Circus

A disowned prince and a sickly human who got a second chance at life rebel against a corrupt monarchy. · By minyan

Love interests

A topic by Cittycool created Jan 26, 2019 Views: 505 Replies: 6
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I adore the game so far it is amazing, and I love all the characters, but, I must ask, who will be love interests? Since I don't think it said who the love interests are/will be in the desc, I wanted to ask this.  Also is Santana  going to be one?  Because honestly I am head over heels for him (despite the fact he can be a little violent sometimes... and rude... and occasionally steals things... XD). 


I’m so glad to hear you’re enjoying Arena Circus so far! There are two love interests per route. Lilié can choose to romance Aldrich or Natalia, and Aldrich cahn choose to romance Lilié or Leslie. Unfortunately Santana isn’t an option, though I’m happy you like him despite his many flaws xD 

Thanks for responding so fast :D !!!  And as sad as I am that Santana is not an option, I am super happy that there will be a way to romance Leslie, as he is my third favourite character, so yay! And  I mean I can always write some fanfiction for Fenris and Santana (Who are my first two favourite characters lol (honestly why do I always fall in love with the characters that aren't choices XD  )) if you are okay with my writing fanfiction on your characters!


AHHHHH--I mean, I would love if you wrote fan fiction for Arena Circus, as long as I get to read it! :D


It's a total shame some of us fall for those characters that aren't part of the protagonist's love interests. I really like Siegfried, that sickly reaver is my favorite character so far, and the second one is Santana. Yeah, he's rather violent and a little bit of a jerk...But it's still a good dude! So, I'm kinda disappointed that they aren't valid options in the protagonist's love interests. But, heh, we can write Fan Fictions, right? Maybe I'll write one about Siegfried. 


I was thinking about one day doing a VN where all the characters of AC are dateable, but for now that's just a dream xD If you did end up writing one, I'd love to read it!

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Lilié and Aldrich is my OTP can't wait for the next chapter. They are SO CUTE TOGETHER.