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This is a pretty cool game, though I don't understand why Allaya hates players so much. I guess thats because I used to be one myself though. I would still be one if I didn't develope social anxiety and trust issues. Her hate for them seems a little OTT, and she's a massive bitch to Sean and Xei, which really pisses me off, though I'm not sure why because Sean seems like he deserves it. So far the game is pretty good but there were like 4 choices that currently change nothing in the game, but then again it IS a demo so all is good. Right now I would rate it like 7/10 but, once again, it's a demo, so it's fine.

But being a cheater isn't good-

Cheating is not  the same as being a player. Some ensure all the people they are "with" are aware and okay with it. Like polyamory but without the commitment.


oh i think i understand! thanks :D