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  1. Reksa. If you asked me before I finised both of Rama's endings I would have said Rama, but he ended up being a... little weird... to say the least. He seemed to be insane, and normally I don't mind that, but he wasn't like a good type of insane, he was like a "please kill me I have no idea why any of us are alive what is life yada yada yada". I really liked Reksa and his personality and really wanted to punch Purba for being a d*ck.
  2. I played this game because I have played your other stuff and also I am obsessed with otome games and romance.
  3. I thought it was an amazing game and I would say mostly the art stood out to me as it was really good, and with Reksa his personality really stood out since it was so different to what you would think it would be.
  4. Yes, I would consider buying it, despite the fact I'm not allowed to buy games with my own money despite being 16 unless I beg to buy them.

Hi, Cittycool! Thanks for dropping by and answering my questions >\\\<

1. I understand x'D Rama's route is the most complicated from all three and the depression with the suicide tendecy is one hella combination. But thank you for giving him a chance! I see Reksa is still the top of thr popularity poll ;)

2. Me too --we need more romance and otome! X'D

3. Thank you! I hope you enjoyed yourself thoroughly :'D and yes, that's why I recommend doing Reksa's route for last since it has the complete version of the main story + Purba's perspective ~

4. You're the first one to put an empty answer x'D I do think I still have a lot to improve tho.

5. O///O thank you for your support! I know how hard it is to buy games online without our parents knowing -but if not, I will still be grateful for your warm acceptance of my high-fantasy visual novel ^^-

Bermuda still has some ways to go before it could be considered completed tho, so take your time and hope to see you around!