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Hi, Cittycool! Thanks for dropping by and answering my questions >\\\<

1. I understand x'D Rama's route is the most complicated from all three and the depression with the suicide tendecy is one hella combination. But thank you for giving him a chance! I see Reksa is still the top of thr popularity poll ;)

2. Me too --we need more romance and otome! X'D

3. Thank you! I hope you enjoyed yourself thoroughly :'D and yes, that's why I recommend doing Reksa's route for last since it has the complete version of the main story + Purba's perspective ~

4. You're the first one to put an empty answer x'D I do think I still have a lot to improve tho.

5. O///O thank you for your support! I know how hard it is to buy games online without our parents knowing -but if not, I will still be grateful for your warm acceptance of my high-fantasy visual novel ^^-

Bermuda still has some ways to go before it could be considered completed tho, so take your time and hope to see you around!