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This is an amazing game so far, and the demo is so long! Without skipping anything it took me a day and a bit to finish. The longest demo I have ever played! I loved it, and the artwork and plot was amazing. There are some sentences that don't make sense but only two or three, and they don't add anything important anyway, so it isn't a problem. I love the characters and how they act, and how the main character is very relatable in many ways. I think that the way she acts towards Gunter is annoying though, so it would be pretty cool if we got more of a choice of how we first react to him (I am biased though since someone like Gunter is like almost my ideal guy). Will there ever be any way to get with Dio (I don't remember if that actually is his name but oh well), because so far Dio is my favourite character and he's only in it for like a minute. Also the minigame at the end is pretty cool, so that's a nice touch. I can't wait for the full game. If this demo is anything to go by, the full game is going to be amazing!


Thank you for dropping by and sharing your enthusiasm, Cittycool! 

I'm so happy you enjoyed yourself so thoroughly --and yes! This is the longest demo I've ever made so far and the content is definitely 2 times longer if not more from my previous vn, Winged Ones! So I hope to hear your thoughts later when Bermuda is finished x')

I also hope to give more options/choices to choose! But his reputation and panic didn't really help our Maya :")) if you're bias to Guntur, Maya is bias too at first from fright lol x'D but hey *whispers* don't worry, you'll get more character route oriented events the further you advance into the story so there are definitely more juicy meatloaves waiting for you! 

As for Dio, unfortunately he's not available to pursue >< I like him too, but my brain failed to conjur any idea about how a relationship between a human with a God-slash-Demon-or-??? works. The first thing that came to mind is a tragedy and trust me, Bermuda is already very dark as it is, so... :"))

Oh well, but then again maybe I'll get the idea in the future? ;) 

Thank you for your support and see you around!



Sorry for such a late reply but I can understand why it would be difficult to make Dio  a love interest, but it would be amazing if he were to become one! (Although it would be a lot of extra work and very difficult to do, and like you said, it would be even harder since he's a god/demon thing)