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Interesting about the item spawning. In the end, even though you didn't program it as such, the wildlife had that effect on me 🐋  I suppose it's just that my curiosity with them caused me to do more than endlessly travel straight! ...also confirmation bias 😅 Also I think just good subtle design on your/Marte's part!

This is so neat!

First off, I adore the color scheme. That teal-ish/yellow-ish combo is one of my favorite color combos, and the red accents are gorgeous with it.

I love the setting too. Having just watched Ponyo for the first time the other day, I've had a hankering for seafaring type stuff, and this very much fits! All the little details are great, from sfx to UI to the ship bumping around -- very good.

How did you do the logic for where items spawn? It may just be my imagination, but I feel like whenever I went in the general direction of the wildlife, they led me to an item! I have a conspiracy that the seagulls only lead you to boots though  >:{

Bless you for giving us 2 tries on picking up treasure, because some of them are tough!! I was very excited when I was able to do it without hitting the walls though :)

Great work once again! Bardzo dobre -- lubię być na morzu!

Wow, what a neat little game! There's a lot more going on in here than it initially seems, and it's super well put together.

The mechanics are simple and sparse enough to be easily remembered and played; and you present them in an easy-to-learn way while tying it into the narrative in fun ways (which also makes it easier to learn).

The writing leaves me curious to see what's next after each prompt, and the small puzzles have just the right amount of resistance to make me think a little.

The reversed music sounds surprisingly clean and seamless -- I'm impressed! The time rewind shader looks great too (you're always good with shaders).

The climbing seemed broken for me because I had to keep jumping while holding left/right to get it to work, but I tried again just now and it was working perfectly fine?? I could've just goofed it initially 🤷‍♂️ This is on the web version btw.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks!  ✨🐈 ✨

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Ohhh now that's a nice combo to be compared to! Thanks for playing and for the kind words!

Thanks for playing! The cat randomly hits buttons that will speed up or slow down the game. Good job getting a win the second time!

I also went and played/rated your game. Nice work :)

Thank you!

This is pretty cool! For what it's worth, I think there are a few small things you could do to make it much more intuitive:

  • Make the player cards look different from the enemy's, with symbols, card design, or color (be aware of accessibility for colorblindness though!)
  • Make the icons in the dungeon have more obvious meanings. Like crossed swords for battles, and adding a "+" symbol on the new cards
  • Make some sort of sprite to show where the player is in the dungeon

Nice work! :)

The Mac version seems to be unplayable :(

A few times when opening the app, it would just stop responding and I had to force quit. When it did launch, none of the 3D stuff was visible. The 2D art was visible, the audio worked fine, and inputs were working (from what I could tell), but beneath that was just a black screen.

FWIW I'm on Sierra 10.12.6

Quite addictive with how easy it is to restart :P The music and sfx worked really well together too. Sometimes it even seemed like the bullets were being shot in time with the music! Was that intentional? :o

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this one! At first I thought the concept of "you don't know how things will be scored" would be annoying, but the way you put things together turned it into something fun. Once I got a general grasp after the first round, I wanted to test my theories with another round. The cozy art and satisfying sfx made it very nice to keep playing.

My only criticisms would be to find a way to stop the point-scoring sfx from cutting each other off, and to make the background ambience loop cleanly.

Really really nice work! :)

This was nice! Mechanics were easy to learn, and the puzzles were just the right level of difficulty. Nice feel all around.

It seems a bit too easy to push blocks further than intended, which can force a restart where you would have otherwise succeeded. So maybe it'd be good to make blocks "slot in" to space, requiring you to release the button and press again if you want to move it further?

Great job :)

Thank you! We wanted to add some sort of score or combo multiplier or something to give motivation to keep playing/improving. Just ran out of time, unfortunately!

Thanks! I love the cat too. I laughed out loud when Alix (my jam partner/the artist) showed me the design 😸

Thank you!✨🎶

Yay, I'm glad you liked the inverting! It's certainly pretty "unfair" but we thought it was fun/funny  😛

Thank you for playing and for such nice words!

Thank you! Alix (my partner on this jam) did an amazing job with the art. She made it come to life!

We also really tried to make sure it was super easy to intuit how to play, so I'm glad you found that to be the case! 🙂

Thanks for playing!

I agree, it'd be good to make it more obvious when you catch a star. The sounds for them are (by design) pretty soft and blend into the music, but adding some sort of VFX would be nice. Sadly I just didn't have enough time for/familiarity with those systems in the engine to get it into the jam 😅

Thank you!!

Oh that’s a great suggestion which I totally overlooked. I’ll try to remember to do that once the voting is over. I assume you’re talking about the Windows version, yeah?

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it!

Challenge/precision/etc platformers aren't really my thing, but I can admire this one. The main mechanic is super cool and seems to have lots of potential. I'd like to see it be a bit easier to control, particularly with aiming the power spear. Like I've seen mentioned in other comments, having a bit of "coyote time" would be very nice too.

The visual style and overall aesthetic/theming is awesome and makes me want to see/learn more about the world. The snappy sfx for the power spear is really nice too.

Really really good work!

Wow, beautifully put together. Simple yet solid, with great theming. Excellent work to everyone!

Fantastic! The concept is clever and implemented in a fun way. Just the right level of complexity and difficulty. Lovely art, and the bg music choice/implementation is pleasant, effective, and unobtrusive. Great work - I love this one!

Super nicely-polished game for 48hrs, wow! Really easy to control, satisfying physics, cute and pleasant art/audio. Great work!

Cool concept. Super tense, but still fun. Nice work!

This was great! Surprising number of levels (and pretty good ones at that!) for a 48hr jam. Took me a long time to discover you can remove blocks, and boy did that ramp up the potential complexity. Visuals and audio were really pleasant. Fantastic work!

Thanks for the kind words, for following, and for playing!

Thank you!!

Aside from our discussing an initial basic theme, the way the art turned out is 100% Alix's wonderful ideas. I know the kind of stickers you're talking about and it's totally like that! The art definitely directly inspired the music/sfx too.

I actually had a crisis halfway through the jam where I couldn't get things to stay in time musically without mountains of extra tedious work... but when I took a step back and looked at Alix's art (and with some suggestions from her), it hit me that I should just make it a more ambient thing that doesn't need super precise timing. So her work kinda saved me from a breakdown, hahaha 😅

Regarding the skulls: yeah, there's definitely room for improvement. I'm not super pleased with the hitbox or the full randomness of how they spawn. It'd be nice to find a way to make the game a bit more challenging and a bit more fair at the same time.

Thanks again for playing and for all the kind words!

This is a good idea, and we were actually considering something like that! Maybe a little thought bubble that appears above Commander Cat's head shortly before he does an action. Unfortunately we just ran out of time 😅. Thank you for playing!

Yeah you're definitely right. We really just ran out of time to fix that 😭 Thank you for playing though!

I wish I could rate this, but I'm stuck with queue only 😭

Great work!

Super cute cat, and the "slinky" design is hilarious and good. I tried very hard to get them under the box, but they're too wise to my traps! Good amount of sfx to give a fun atmosphere too  🔊

I'm curious if there's anything particularly interesting you did in writing the AI? It certainly seems quite realistic! 😄

Wow I've never heard of a game with this concept of "collecting controls" and puzzling out how to "equip" a limited and uneven amount of them. Really creative, really cool, and probably the most clever take on the theme I've seen so far. Fantastic work!

Super cute! Simple but solid and nicely-implemented. Great work :)

Fun concept and puzzles. I quite like how you presented the "level selection" as the smoking train. Super impressive for a solo 48hr jam. Really great job!

This is shockingly good for a game jam game!

Really clever concept, easy-to-learn implementation, good difficulty of puzzles, interesting interactions of mechanics. The color palette is nice too. I was going to say the fantasy theme is a little bit unoriginal, but I actually think it helps this game by using something familiar/widely-understood to make the barrier to learning easier. I haven't yet seen any more classes beyond the Monk, but I intend to come back and see what else you've done with it.

Fantastic work!

So glad you had fun! Thanks for giving it a shot :)

Thanks for playing!

Yeeeeah some of the sounds can get pretty sharp when the game gets fast. Sorry about that. We did what we could to address that in the time given, but it’s certainly not perfect. 

Thanks for giving it a try!

For sure! We thought about ways to make the player movement more interesting/better, but we ultimately decided to prioritize other things. Thanks for playing and for the kind words! :)