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No worries. I think it's normal for jam games to have imperfections like that one. I just posted it for future adjustments :

It was a fun play. The music loop is maybe a little too short but enjoyable xD

This said.. I had an issue where the switching gravity mechanic is because I had taken control of the platform and, as the player character collided with it while "flying" towards the ceiling he was thrown away on the right and just remained stuck there in limbo without moving anymore with his head licking the ceiling xD

Also.. I would think of a button press that would make the character move faster :)

This is really nice :) Loved the graphic and the music. The game was a little slow to me BUT that's definitly cause I'm not really into this kind of games myself xD

Yeah it has a lot of issues.. the only thing I can say is, well.. this was my second time ever doing a jam and I made it solo in 2 days xD But I am aware of many issues and a lot of things'll change as it get turned into a full game (working on it :) )
Glad you liked it even with the issues :)

I'll let the artiswt know you liked his drawings :)

And yeah, that was the initial idea.. but at the end after the time got extended I might have overscoped a little bit and I ran out of energy/time to do that :(

I'd say it means that you're not allowed to submit a game that you started creating before the jam start.. or an already completed game.

You can use assets.. but you have to create the game during jam time from start to finish.. as it usually is with jams.

I'll leave it to the host to leave a clearer answer tho :)

Following the theme is not something you absolutly have to do during a jam. If you want you can create a game that has absolutly nothing to do with the given theme. The only thing that'll happen is that you'll get a lower rating in the theme category.

Thank you and thanks penny :D

Hello Everyone.
After reading the rules I've found out that eventual prizes will be just 2 per team.
I understand that the prizes are kind of "big" and as such not a lot of them should be given.. but I'm here to ask considering the fact of rising that limit from 2 to 3.

The reason for this is that teams for game dev usually need (if someone wants to team up) at least 3 people, not 2:

1. programmer
2. graphic
3. music

so 3 would be the perfect number for it while, if it is 2.. well there might be problems inside teams.

In my case I'm kinda forced to tell someone not to join (musician) because it wouldn't be fair, in case of a win, that he'd be left out of it... and beeing that the case team "Might" be forced to be incomplete with one of the skills needed being left away.

Even tho I'm sure we're not in just for the prizes, I hope you can understand why, this could be an issue in case of an unexpected win or in having to say "no" to usual collaborators or friends because of this so I hope you might consider changing it :)

So, first of all I'd like to thank you for sending the results of the Jam with all the extremly valuable feedback from the judges: I'll really trasure them.

Since soomeone said that the game didn't really fit the theme i just wanted to explain my view on the matter (just to be clear.. I'm not writing in order to "contest" what has been said, just to clarify my view) and since it's not possible to send PMs, I'm writing it here :)

Perhaps I'm the one that misunderstood the theme itself, perhaps due to english not beeing my first language, I just tought that having to heal aa sick body from viruses, well.. it does copy with a well beeing theme, that's it ^^

To finish it.. I'm glad you liked my game ( Inside You )! Really made me happy :)

So... no news about the results of the Jam? :)

Thanks :) I'll decide about expanding this depending on the final result it gets on the jam ratings :)

First of all I thank you for your feedback :)

Yes I am awayre of the issue.. sadly even tho I did my best I expected not to have time to solve a lot of things during Jam Time.

The double jump issue never happened to me during tests and you're the only one that mentioned it.. how could I replicate the issue to check it out?

The gravbity is "Floaty" on purpose cause I tought that beeing a cell inside bloodstream.. it would have to be a little more like a "when you are inside water gravity" but if I keep working on it after rating time ends I'll probably change that.

and yeah I'm not english first language and concentrated more on the coding part then on the spelling part.

I'll treasure all of your feedback, if the game takes a top33/5 (have to decide yet) I'll work on adjusting the issue and expanding it :)

I'm glad you could enjoy it :)

Always found this somehow complicated... in fact I searched this on the net a while ago but couldn't really understand it. If you'd have a chance for a more in dept explanation, perhaps on discord, I'd be glad

Hello. Is that happening while you're "attacking downward"? Cause that is probably because of a "button placement mistake" on my part. 
When you kill the last enemy in the scene a success screen pops up with 2 buttons that lets' you either restart or quit the game.

Sadly.. if the last enemy is the one that needs a down jump to reach.. one of the buttons results directly in the middle of the screen and it's very easy for it to be clicked unknowingly if you're button mashing.

I found this mistake after the jam submission time was already over so I can't accomadate it right now but I will definitly adjust it after the rating period ends and I (if the game gets a good spot in the jam) start working on expanding it :)

Thanks a lot :)

Aaaaaand this is another reason why it would have been good if my suggestion of the sponsor choosing the winners I made before the Jam started was accepted xD

This was really cool. The music was expecially likable (at least for me). the only issue I found is that when I shoot an Enemy.. I explode xD

I guess this is multiplayer?

Soo.. all enemies are "grey colored" but definitly visible so this doesn't really match the theme.. I really liked the music and the background image :) 

Very nice one! A little hard to avoid some enemies but definitly a good entry :D

I'll try this again :D Thanks for the explanation

This was one of the funniest entries of the Jam, at least for me.
Loved the graphics, loved the music, simple and nice mechanic and nice procedural generation :)

(1 edit)

I hope I'm not "butting in" in an Annoying way.. if you're interested in procedural random generation and free material I suggest following this :)

That's of course using UNITY and c#

nice backgrounds and nice old styled music :D

For some reason I would get noticed even when in stealth mode... I guess I should be the invisible enemy fopr the poor guy? :D

I LOVED the music... The game itself tho was really confusing due to the fact that the laserbeam would shoot from the engine and not from what I guess it's the front ^^''

can't really understand what to do.. I just clicked around randomly to move... ^^''

How do you make this work?

Uhm... I could not understand the game :( you just shoot and destroy all you can? What is the invisible enemy?

I definitly couldn't play this well.. so I just mashed all the buttons till end level ahah . Liked the music :D

I was hooked. Definitly high rated. If possible I would like an hint on how to program such a gravity system in 2d :)

I guess it's my problem but I couldn't really understand how to play ^^'''

Rated HIghly. Nice game, very nice atmosphere and sfxs :)

Ehm.... there is no "Invisible Enemy" in here ^^'''

I rated this Highly. It was a very interesting take on the theme, simple but fun and satisfying mechanic and gameplay, nice music even tho the loop is perhaps a little too short xD

Seems interesting. I couldn't really understand what to do. Every time I use the Q button instead of attacking or interacting I get hit and die xD