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Awww, you are sooo nice, thanks) 

Link to other game:

It generates new variant every time so don’t worry about spoilers) I should update this game, because I’ve made a mistake that prevents this game to show you the end comics) I’ll try to do this at Monday. thanks for playing. 

Glad to read your kind words) Yay, Mama will be proud of me!) 

The game lucks for challenge, but it's super fun. I've seen those liars before...) Check my game, it's free)

I've spent too much time figuring out what to do with the red blocks) Addictive game though! Check out my game, leave your feedback..) Thanks)

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20/20 (I've googled it :) ), adding timer would be nice. Check out my game, if you'll have time..) That sound of the correct answer awww.. pure satisfaction)

Wow! You should check your optimization. I've had framerate ~10FPS on my i5-8600k/GTX 970. But the graphics are mega cute) Check out my game, it would be a pleasure for me ;) 

It was dark! But those rats are super cute though! Adding more level details would be super cool) 

I'll try to rework it, make it bigger and easier to understand and publish on Play Market. I would like to add something like "free play" where you can choose number of suspects, number of facts they telling. Implementing a variety of categries such as "Name", "Car color", "Motive"etc.  would be great.Thanks for asking, and what will you do with your game? 

Thanks for playing! Checking your game)

Glad you enjoyed it) There is a twist in the end!

This game was super fun for me to play! Great job, man! This game kinda remind me of Moonlighter) Check out my game, by the way)

Your game looks great! Good job! Every level brings a new mechanic. But it seems to be a little off topic.. I've got only 4 trophies...silly me)

Thanks for your feedback! I've tried to do my best at  balancing chances for 0% truth to make my gameplay time at least 10+ minutes. Maybe, I've made it little bit harder because i was afraid of making my game too easy for clever guys making games. And at the end of the game you'll see your score - so brute forcing is not the best option. I'll check your game soon :)