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Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it and your critique is appreciated. 

I'm glad you understood it fast. It makes me happy. I'll check out your game as soon as i can. :))

Well, it felt insane to me as well but i had some guidance from an experienced friend so i got to know the basic stuff pretty fast.

Im really glad you enjoyed the game and liked my interpretation of the theme.

They do come in all sizes (not shapes, banana is banana shaped) but one banana will always be that same one banana in any universe.

Thanks, im glad you enjoyed it.

Nice and quick gameplay, I liked it.

That way didn't even cross my mind. Technically you can spam start finish and learn all the answers and then just do it again and know each and every one without even playing. But what's the point then. Thanks for bringing that up I totally missed it.

Nice game, a bit awkward when played in browser since game always loses focus when I try to rotate screen. Overall great job.

Super polished and enjoyable. Great work!

This game had my heart just by the dev notes. The rest of the game is also fun but the notes got me.

Very fun and polished gameplay. I would really like to see some more variety of enemies and possible upgrades in the future.

I managed to survive 260 seconds.

Overall, a great jam game. If you are looking into expanding the concept into something more, look into adding some kind of intent for the enemy/yourself when you are not in that body since something is going to happen and by not knowing what you cant really strategize that much. Again, great work.

Well made, good looking game. I enjoyed playing it. Great Job.

This could easily be turned into a mobile game. Great job for making such a nice looking game in 48h.

The atmosphere is what makes this game so good. Tbh, the monster didn't even had to exist. The anticipation was the scary part. Now that I think about it, monsterles monster horror could be a nice idea to explore.

This game made me feel so sorry for any tamagotchi I've ever had. Amazing game though, fun, creative, short, just like any jam game should be. Great job!

Cool game. My only complaint would be that game either needs an explanation or a tutorial level. Its unintuitive.

Love the artstyle. Love the doggos. Love the game.

The game just didn't work for me. :(( I clicked everything but nothing happened.

I love seeing people think out of the box like this. Amazing idea and great implementation. I hope you actually end up in the video.

I loved it. It's fast, it's fun, it's well made. Great job! I hope to see you in the video.

Amazing idea, works really well, I even like the name of the game so much. My only complaint would be that it got too hard before actually teaching me everything that I can do in game.

I... What did I just play? Did I just dated the current world's best Chess player Magnus Carlsen? Did I actually enjoyed this chess dating sim, well, yes.  On theme, well made game, great job.

Fun idea. I love how the game looks but the game itself is a bit broken at times. Overall a nice submission.

The amount of polish this game has amazes me. Everything is well made and the most important thing, the game is fun to play and there is multiple strategies that you could go for, great work, great implementation of the theme. Just one question. Is there a way to win or you just go for the highscore?

I like the concept and the whole idea, but the static effect you got there kinda hurts my eyes  and the text is hard to read. Overall, fun and interesting idea that could be developed further.

Very cure, very clever. But why does the baby hold the *SPOILER*. I'm impressed tbh.

Thanks, you too mate.

Life is full of surprises.

Very fun and on theme game. I would recommend adding some space in boss attacks. Like downtime between different moves instead of firing constantly. Great job overall. 

Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate it.


Beautiful art, interesting gameplay, great job!

A bit to loud, but a very nice game. My highscore was 35.

Very nice graphics but there isn't much of game itself. Anyway, good job for submitting.

I managed beat the boss, very interesting game, amazing music (10/10, I wanna know who made it). Great job!

I really liked the feel of the arrows, cute game.

I started the jam with an artist friend but she did like 3 sprites and left because she was too busy, sadly. So I had to finish the art myself and im not the best artist (yet). I'm glad you enjoyed it though.

Yeah, I should've  put something more impactful or just tell the player where to refill. Anyway, I'm glad you had fun!

I'm glad you liked it.