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Hello, this is one of the small mistakes that were not taken into account when developing a game for a gamejam.

This is easily corrected, but now we are awaiting the jury's verdict. If the game is not noticed, then it makes no sense to modify it ..

thanks for the support :)

Valve made us a gift on April 1, your account was blocked. We are negotiating

Thanks for your review! It motivates us to develop :)

Now the game is being searched!

Why do we need these tags when creating an application if they do not help the game search engine search?
By the way, I note that next to the tags it is written that they help find games through the search.
- but the screenshot shows the opposite


I am forced to name my game: PAPER TANKS (indie game, ink, doodle, unity, 2d, action, paper, tank, retro, ink, split sreen, beta, demo, dev)

Hi, please rate my development

The drawings in the notebook came to life and turned into a battlefield! 2.5D tanks in the style of drawings in a notebook.

Follow development:

Wow! Thanks for the review, this is one of the first reviews. But unfortunately half of the video is not visible and not heard, maybe you can fix the video? I really want to read the subtitles

Thanks for the review :)

Спасибо за отзыв, я рад, что без урока мне удалось прояснить это :)

Thank you, we already knew about her. In the next update, fix it. Since this is the alpha in which 16 people downloaded in 5 days ...

Games with the development of physics in 3D are very complex. It is possible to cure. But it takes a lot of time.

Thanks for the review!

In the future, a tutorial will appear when completing missions.

Thanks for the review.

they are already a year old .. The game is no longer interesting to players ..

For a long time the game did not have video reviews ..


It looks cool!

Funny idea. But it’s very difficult to play it.

I think it was worth calling this game "What is a holo" :D

It looks funny. At first I could not understand why I can not press C on level 1. It turned out I had no portals and they are playful. (I did not read the description, if I understood by typing, it means the game is intuitive)

The only thing is that it’s difficult, and it would be worth re-running when the portals change, a message pops out that the portals are over. I didn’t think about looking in the left corner

Funny, but the controls are very inconvenient. You shouldn’t turn the camera around when you click, but to make a hit you need to click on the same button and move the camera to make the power of a fool ... It turns out that after making a blow you need to do it weakly, or where you don't need to do it much ..

Fun game. But where there was pain during the passage ... It seemed to me that there is an invisible wall when the door is open, and only it closes the wall disappears

It looks fun. But management doesn’t really have fun ...

Forgot to download, or burned out during development

It's funny But why do you need a shop there? They will not play it for more than 1-3 minutes ... Since there are a lot of games. I already sit for 2 hours and checked only 20 games ... And if I would plunge into little things I would sit for a very long time

It's funny. the music is nice, but the controller is very uncomfortable. Pay attention how adelie such mechanics of subway surf. there are 3 lines and only 3 pressing the button changes the rail of the traveling cube. And here it’s very difficult to manage

It looks funny, it feels like someone is following us. Reminds spirit of "samurai jack" :)

Haha, I did not expect him to fail, but he failed, a fun idea for the game. Reminds retro games on the console

Cool idea, it looks fun! Graphics, characters. Everything is super. Only the music is very loudly twisted

To exit, press Q - the gray screen turns on. I understand that what you did for the PC at first, then made a build for the web.

I liked the music and sounds. Reminds game of worms.

We have a similar game but in the game :)

I played a similar game on the android. There is a big multi-peel and the goal is to make a black hole in 5 minutes, eating at first veloshki and then at home.

It looks awesome. I saw you have a transparent and shader and that would create a boolean illusion. Cool! We did the same in our game.

Looks forgotten!

She is very fast and heavy. I suppose you made your first game. Looks funny

Music and sounds are well matched. But the playing field is very small. And a lot of lives for me and the bot. I had to go around turning around so that the bot would hit me :D

When I died, the bot also had 1 HP left and it was taken away with me. I was told that I lost and won :)

The game has been deleted. Or the author just indulges ...

and on what engine did you make this game?

It looks funny, nice music.

I think the font in the menu is very poorly read. And this sea battle game reminded me

Is it just a hole in the wall with text?

I did not understand how to play. I speak English fluently and use a translator. The description of the game says about the Danes. But the game says something like "what to play to give. Link at the bottom", do not play buttons to start ....

It is very strange.....

I started to run the game, trying to poke the game. But I did not understand. I read the description of the game, I understood how to play.

And this multiplayer p2p? or how do you call it?