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So simple, but so good!

it's so good! Great graphics 

So simple, but so good!

Wow, what a story! I study game design and the idea of an RPG  with 4 characters always works, I hope that you will continue this game in the future!

I didn't understand what I have to do, but it looks so good!

it's so good!

Ok... this is AWESOME!  The cutest thing that I saw today.

Now I want this dino on my desktop all the time!

The protagonist is so cute :3

Love the protagonist! But the colliders are so big

The game is interesting! but the commands don't work so well :/

It's so good!

So good! The graphic is simple but beautiful and the gameplay feels so good

So good the graphic! And the gameplay fell awesome!

Wow, the graphic is so good!

Wait there is no end?! So sad... But jump has a good feel

Too short, the game so is good!

So simple but so hard, nice game!

very cool

So cool and so beautiful, I love the design and  the art 

So cool

Good level design 

Simple, but cool 

I funghi sono troppo rosa -cit Roberto Zotta 

this new decade has just begun but we already have who will win as the best indie