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Hey, thank you so much for your feedback!  You are absolutely right, but conscious that it was not consistent, the goal we set ourselves is to bring the player to reflect on his moral certainties.  The Cerberus is represented as a being who has multiple minds and who often disagree with each other.  We thought this figure represented well what the player feels during gameplay.  We're sorry this ruined your immersion but we hope you enjoyed the game anyway!

Te se vuole bene mic <3

Heilà, l ho provato proprio ora, stavolta è patito tutto correttamente quindi non saprei quale fosse il problema dell'altra volta. Comunque Il gameplay è molto simpatico anche se c'è un po di noise tra gli elementi dello fondo in cui si può saltare e in quali no, forse mettere un outline potrebbe dare una mano? In ogni caso la grafica è molto caruccia, ha tanti colori ma non danno per niente fastidio. Il suono di quanto uccidi un cinghiale è un tocco di classe!

No, I meant what are the actions I have to do and with which keys to do them to score, it was a bit difficult for me to understand them.

We all wish it hahahaha. Thanks for playing the game!

We are happy to know that the message of the game has come to you, none of us had ever created a game like this and we were all unsure of the result. Thank you so much for playing the game and also for the feedback that will help us improve our game!

It was difficult for us too because on Christmas Eve we stayed up until 4.00 am!  Sleeping more will be among the good intentions for next year hahahaha.  We're glad you got the message from the game.  Thank you so much for playing it!

Hey thanks, we are very pleased <3

The rabbit is super cute! There are some interesting mechanics and the gameplay is not bad, but it is a pity that there is a lack of feedback, it is not immediately clear what needs to be done but delivering the right gifts to the right children is nice!

Hey there! The gameplay is fun and original. Beautiful that you can play up to four players!

Fun gameplay, when you learn to make all the right turns you feel really cool! Too bad it doesn't focus much on positivity

The game in WebGL does not start me, do you have a downloadable build?

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UwU. This game is super cute! It has a lot of very nice special effects and the music fits great. I enjoyed playing it and the upgrades along with the leaderboard greatly increase the replay value.

Plus I'm second on the leaderboard! Never reached such a milestone in my entire life  :,)

Hola! Graphically it is gorgeous. Very clean and with bright but realistic colors. With this gameplay you could do a lot of interesting levels. Maybe some escape rooms or maybe you are in your lover's house, her husband is returning and you have to take all your clothes and objects around the room! If you ever do something like this I recommend you play "Unpacking", our houses tell a lot about our life! However it amused me a lot, too bad I didn't feel the positivity very much.

The game is quite simple but it is fun to play. The graphics are also very simple but it does the job. The lights, however, it is not clear where there is the trigger area or not, I often tried to overcome a light several times because it seemed to be possible and I always failed miserably. In any case, great job!

The idea is interesting and the graphics are nice! However, I found the controls a bit difficult. Flat earth confirmed!

Hey this game is great! The graphics are really beautiful and the gameplay is interesting in its simplicity. I scored 574400 points, I'm a real elf!

Thank you so much for the comment! It will help us improve this game :D

Hey, we were somewhat in doubt about "throwing away" the videogames from the protagonist's routine. We also noticed that it was a bit of a contradiction hahahhaha. On the other hand, we wanted to make people perceive that, at times, making sacrifices is necessary to reach a goal. At the end we put it back as a good resolution because, all in all, our lives would not be that great without videogames and I don't think even that of the protagonist :D
Thank you so much for the comment and I wish you a good day!

Wow, I don't know how to thank you, that was a really kind gesture, if you need anything just ask!

Thank you so much <3

Thank you so much for your feedback! I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you so much for your feedback!

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We are very happy that you enjoyed the game! Thank you so much for playing it, your feedback will help us improve it!

Ohhh, thank you. You make my day!

Thank you so much for playing the game and for your feedbacks, they will help us improve!

Thank you so much! We are sorry if you had problems at the beginning, but we are also very happy that you enjoyed the adventure <3

Thank you <3

Ciao, io sono i suggerimenti :)

simple but nice, I enjoyed playing with it

The penguin sprite is gorgeous!

You have won

Your game is a masterpiece

But a missed opportunity for not having put "Manuel - Gas Gas Gas" as music

Hey thanks for playing!  I hope you enjoyed it and our enemies didn't make you too angry :') . Also thanks for the feeds they are always useful and will help us improve the game

Hey bro, thanks for playing our game! We'll let you know when future updates are available where we MAY nerf enemies. Have a nice day :D

wow so great!

so simple but it's cool!

so simple but so good!

So cute, and the feeling is great!

Really beauty!