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You never cease to amaze, sensei 🥥

#520 in general.... 

I can feel your pain, bro.


Mi posso solo inchinare davanti a contata bravura. 

Lei è un vero Sensei 👑🙇‍♂️

We bow before you, Sensei 

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Hello to all the Sensei!

We really felt it was a shame that we didn't have a chance to record your achievements, so we created a temporary leaderboard!

Since we cannot edit the game, it is currently a simple Google Sheet^^

If you would like to rank in the leaderboard please write your score in the comments section!

Good luck to all sensei who decide to climb to the top! 


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Here, this is your crown.


Good job Sensei.

The road to becoming a good Fruit-Sensei is long and winding. But you have done very well!

Thank you for playing it <3

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Hey  SereDim, thanks for the review! For the arc we mixed some elbow grease and programmer's tears.

(I will now write to one of the programmers to answer you seriously<3).

You save the veggies and we slaughter the fruit!

Wow, the player is really an idiot...

Love the idea!

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The art is AMAZING! Really nice job.

Really really love it!

We tried to create the most beautiful apple of this jam. But I guess you win the prize.

The initial cutscene is awesome!

A nice idea, but done well, I love how the alarm actually changes the audio.

Super good art!

Thanks for the nice words. Your game is a bomb too!

Thanks for the review! That would be a nice idea. Let's see how the jam ends and think about it.

If you made a triple, it means that you are better than one of our game designers...

Down with fruit and long live food waste!

So nice! It's a cool idea.

Super cute doggo!

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Love the heroes art style

Love you bro

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I think I have played badly, but spamming goblins is fun!

Its pretty funny, love the art!

I scored 53 points! I know I'm not very good...

Simple, but cool idea!

Very cool art style!

If you want to eat some fruit you can come to my game!

Still an original idea. Simple mechanics, but fun! I'm having a salad tonight...

I love the retro style and the idea.

Wow, your art is so good!

I love the art style!

It's so nice, I love the twist of demons fighting heroes

I like to think he's a hero on vacation!

It would have been nice to have a challenge where you are asked to let a specific car win. Still, it's a nice idea