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yea pretty undercooked, loved the infinite descent at the end

This is a perfect entry, except! there is a game breaking movement speed glitch based on framerate/graphics quality, when framerate was too high movement speed slowed to a crawl, I had to put game on highest resolution ultra to fix that, I have a NVIDIA RTX 2060 and AMD Ryzen 5600

the muzzle mechanic is well made, this one felt like I was reading a book or connecting with the artist through their art :)

perfect entry, all 5 stars

one of the perfect submissions

feels clunky and unresponsive, I may b the problem idk. looks clean tho :)

i like game and it seems fun, but no fit theme :(

cool game! didn't see how it fit the theme however

I really enjoy so many things about this, ending felt lackluster, this deserves further development!!

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I like the mechanical world you were setting up and the final execution of a challenge to end it off. however this wasn't experienced as effectively with my playthrough because i went straight for the final challlenge at the start

game jam experience is showing!

you can have more liberty with not telling the player what to do, make them a bit lost, its funny and it makes them feel smarter eventually

didn't run very well, I love the whole hansel and gretel thing tho

hyperGate MALL


hyperGate Mall is hash-slinging sash linging dash ringing game of a time!

the game takes place during the colonization by the bratish, they took over native populations, then enslaved the people and its resources. This started an age called the Indoostrial Revolution, where this games inhabitants began to produce many goods unsustainably while destroying the land that it grew on! All while using those native populations as fuel for their machine. The natives would go on to resist YES! However, bigger organizations like the bratish and the OSA would have secret agencies secretly sell drugs in their communities and countries of origin, keeping them docile and fighting against themselves. The genocide continues...

its up to secret revolutionaries called "artists" to spread the truth using complex projects and hidden signa1s.


this is a monument, new version here:

i will do this aptly lord moderator for your word is the law, and the law is written

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In the quaint cobblestone streets of Victorian England, amidst the gas lamps and horse-drawn carriages, there lived a curious young lad named Oliver. Born into a society governed by strict etiquette and conventional aspirations, Oliver's heart beat to the rhythm of a different drum. While his peers dreamed of becoming esteemed doctors, lawyers, or scholars, Oliver found solace in the world of whimsy and play.

From a tender age, Oliver displayed a natural affinity for the fantastical. His eyes sparkled with delight as he witnessed the mesmerizing puppet shows at the local fair, and his imagination soared with each page turned in the tattered storybooks he secretly borrowed from the library. However, it was a chance encounter with a simple mechanical toy that would change the course of his life.

In the hidden corners of his father's study, Oliver stumbled upon a dusty, forgotten box containing a collection of wind-up toys. Entranced by the miniature marvels, he discovered the joy of winding up gears and watching as tiny figures danced in intricate patterns. It was in those moments of innocent play that the seed of creativity took root within Oliver's heart.

As the years unfolded, Oliver's passion for games and playfulness grew. Unbeknownst to his conservative family, he spent countless hours tinkering with rudimentary game prototypes in the attic. While his peers diligently prepared for careers in law and commerce, Oliver secretly nurtured a dream that set him apart.

One fateful day, as the clock struck midnight, Oliver made a bold decision. Leaving behind the safety of his Victorian home, he embarked on a clandestine journey to pursue a career that would defy societal expectations. In the bustling streets of London, he found his way to a burgeoning community of game developers, a group of like-minded individuals who shared his love for the absurd and the silly.

With determination burning in his eyes, Oliver embraced the world of game development. His creations were a testament to his whimsical spirit, crafting games that brought joy and laughter to players around the globe. From quirky characters to bizarre challenges, Oliver's games were a delightful departure from the ordinary.

In the heart of Victorian conformity, Oliver had risen from the depths of societal expectations to carve his own path. His journey from the shadows of tradition to the forefront of creativity stood as a testament to the power of following one's heart, even in the most unlikely of eras. And so, in the flickering glow of gas lamps, Oliver continued to weave tales of whimsy, leaving a legacy of silliness that echoed through the corridors of time.

perfect 100% 10/10

very fun addictive shooter, make more!

absolutely perfect entry, thank u

what a strange little game, i loved it

fascinating concept, thank u <3

strange gameplay, but absolutely amazing creative direction, both musically and sonically. thankss

I kept on making this into a platformer. love the concept, thank u

v addictive yet simple game, thank u

spray feature is cool, but its a lil confusing and buggy, thank u

I loved thee art style, the story was captivating, and those intimate moments in between were the best

i think it needs a lil more gameplay variety, thank u for ur service!

Literally amazing game, could have been more linked with theme, but 9/10

game is not playable?

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ever so slightly buggy but very dreamy calming game, i felt like i was unwinding my brain doing those puzzles, thank u

a calming experience, thank u

There should be an button to speed up for the daring, excellent game

it did run, do not fear

How do we not know that Carnivore is not a ai, asking for a friend

10 parsecs