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Hey, thanks for dropping by!

Yeah, the original Terry is somewhat experimental and more like a proof of concept than anything else.

I’m currently too busy with Corona Celestia to be working on other projects, but Terry Winters 2 is coming sooner or later.


Can someone please make me understand what is the point of sales and bundles, when neither gets to show up in either the bundles or the sales page?

Both pages appear to keep loading on demand so my question would be, why don’t they just keep loading until all the sales and bundles are displayed?


Hey! Thanks for the comment, I’m glad you like the game!

The development is currently a bit slow, we’re mostly focusing on the scenario and other content. It’s still a bit early for music and sound effects, but I like your work so maybe we could stay in contact?

Yeah, my engine was a bit simpler than his, it only supported NSWE views and movement. But on the other hand, it had RLE bitmap stretching, which meant I was left with a lot more space for scripting & stuff.

Those times were fun.

But I don’t really expect anyone to have the patience for something like that today. It’s really just an intriguing piece of history now. I mean, even if you know exactly what to do it’s like 12 hours of play or somesuch.

Heh, yeah, I like having things neatly organised, makes everything so  much simpler!

The colors on the map are completely random... When I was a kid some of my relatives worked in offices, in those times, a office was usually stocked with all these different cards and tags made of cardboard. And it was in all different colors so the employees there could mark their files or charts or whatnot with them. But the colors never had a formal code or meaning they were just there for them to be able to locate the stuff they needed at a glance. So I thought it would be less boring if I gave these cards some color as well.

As for additional reporters alas the answer is also no, the game has a hard coded number of reporters so you can't disable any of them either. But you can tweak their abilities and "personality" a bit. Maybe even change their names? Not sure about that anymore, it's almost been 4 years since then...

Well... it's good for the creator when the medium is limiting. It's a bit why I think most modern CGI movies suck... if you can do *anything* you wish you lose the gravitas. I mean we got some really brilliant games on ZX Spectrum and other 8bit computers, even later 16bit like Amiga & ST... And now you can't fit a texture for a thimble into a 48K. Having to fit a game into a 48K block makes you focused as hell :) And having possibly any resource you can think of... I don't really know what that makes you, probably not focused, needlessly excessive I suppose?


Thanks for the praise, I'm really glad you liked DC!

I'm also curious about your game, I hope you'll let me know when you make it public so I can take a peak.

As for the questions about the files, or anything else, be my guest!

Just one question - are the faces built from 0,0 origin layers or do the pieces of the face require positioning when compositing them?

Yeah, those were different times and we all tried doing stuff that hasn't been done before... And now, pretty much everything has already been "done before". It's intriguing and maybe a little sad to watch these two different points in time simultaneously.

Thanks, I am glad you gave it a try! I know it's quite "rough around the edges."

Sure! I'll send you an email ASAP.

I'm really sorry about not replying to this, but I'm pretty sure the site never notified me about it, or maybe I simply missed it.

Very curious about this, following!

Cool! Why don't you post a link so I can check it out!

Thanks for giving it a try, any kind of feedback is welcome!

Hello and thanks for the comment & encouragement, they mean a lot!
If you're up for giving it a try, we'd love to hear your feedback on it. The game is still very much in its prototype / experimental stage, so there is no need to be gentle about it

No problem at all!
Any first impressions? 

I made a small fix and re-uploaded the file, hope that does the trick!

You're welcome!

It should be the whole game - basically, everything on the DC game page is available for download.


Thanks for including my little demo in your video.

As you've noticed, this isn't really a game (or anything else remotely finished), but the characters that you meet will react differently to your actions (or inactions, such as visiting them for coffe vs not doing that), and next day (you visit 5 people every day) some of them will tell you their reaction to those actions, which differs depending on their relationship with the other person involved. Also while visiting a person, clicking on another portrait, then on a fact on the character fact sheet, will allow you to see their reaction to that specific fact. So while it's still in very infant stage, there are I think some features already worth checking out.

cheers, c.

garygreen, you are right, in spite of rereading the rules twice, I managed to miss that it has to be based on specific work by Shakespeare and thought it was about interactive fiction in general...

However if it helps, the storyteller ai itself is strongly inspired by Sheakespeare and his approach to storytelling (not, of course, his style). The dynamics is generated by characters plotting against each other and murdering each other, in short, by their agenda as much as by the demands of the story flow itself. That was also the reason why your jam caught my attention.

If you think that is not enough, I will of course remove my submission.


LOL I spent over a year making this game and you think you have it figured out in less than 2 hours of play? Very professional.

I really really wonder why so many players spent 50+ hours playing it, they must probably be too stupid to see how trivial it is, right?

Also really, after having seen zafehouse and its player reviews, saying this game is any worse than that one makes me really doubt your professionalism.

BTW I dare you to achieve any noteworthy score on hard difficulty - since there is nothing substantial to this game, it should certainly be easy for you

As you can check, I don't dispute with reviewers of my games as a matter of principle. But I do and will when I think that low blows were dealt, such as in this case.

Respect & regards,



Great review, thanks for writing it! I'm sharing it around!

As for Covert Action yeah, it was one of the main inspirations for Daily Chthonicle. I love games that can somehow convince you "you're there and doing the actual thing" :)

Other inspirations were 4th Protocol, The Rats and Arkham Manor (all 8bit games) and 13th Floor. Probably some others too, but these five I had in mind since the beginning.