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garygreen, you are right, in spite of rereading the rules twice, I managed to miss that it has to be based on specific work by Shakespeare and thought it was about interactive fiction in general...

However if it helps, the storyteller ai itself is strongly inspired by Sheakespeare and his approach to storytelling (not, of course, his style). The dynamics is generated by characters plotting against each other and murdering each other, in short, by their agenda as much as by the demands of the story flow itself. That was also the reason why your jam caught my attention.

If you think that is not enough, I will of course remove my submission.


LOL I spent over a year making this game and you think you have it figured out in less than 2 hours of play? Very professional.

I really really wonder why so many players spent 50+ hours playing it, they must probably be too stupid to see how trivial it is, right?

Also really, after having seen zafehouse and its player reviews, saying this game is any worse than that one makes me really doubt your professionalism.

BTW I dare you to achieve any noteworthy score on hard difficulty - since there is nothing substantial to this game, it should certainly be easy for you

As you can check, I don't dispute with reviewers of my games as a matter of principle. But I do and will when I think that low blows were dealt, such as in this case.

Respect & regards,



Great review, thanks for writing it! I'm sharing it around!

As for Covert Action yeah, it was one of the main inspirations for Daily Chthonicle. I love games that can somehow convince you "you're there and doing the actual thing" :)

Other inspirations were 4th Protocol, The Rats and Arkham Manor (all 8bit games) and 13th Floor. Probably some others too, but these five I had in mind since the beginning.