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[Review] Daily Chthonicle

A topic by Cassus created Jan 26, 2017 Views: 138 Replies: 1
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LOL I spent over a year making this game and you think you have it figured out in less than 2 hours of play? Very professional.

I really really wonder why so many players spent 50+ hours playing it, they must probably be too stupid to see how trivial it is, right?

Also really, after having seen zafehouse and its player reviews, saying this game is any worse than that one makes me really doubt your professionalism.

BTW I dare you to achieve any noteworthy score on hard difficulty - since there is nothing substantial to this game, it should certainly be easy for you

As you can check, I don't dispute with reviewers of my games as a matter of principle. But I do and will when I think that low blows were dealt, such as in this case.

Respect & regards,