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Pretty good :)

Great job! 

5/5 Art

too bad i cant rate the art in the jam.. Tim.



The full game is coming only to steam in the 28th this month (for windows mac and linux)

Seriously, if u scroll down to see if it worth the 10$, u can scroll back up.

its worth way more. get it before the dev realize what a huge mistake it was to price it so low.

Cant wait!


well it was just the demo :)

the full game will be difficult 

Still not yet, hopefully around 4-6 months 

Check your video :) 

around 8:27 - 8:28

you found all the code, you just didn't noticed it

Thank you so much!

please consider adding the game to your wishlist on steam :)

Thank you :)

Ill be adding more settings for sure!

thank you for your comment!

Thank you for playing the game!

I laughed when u got the sloth sin twice :D


Forgiveness Is An Escape Room Puzzle Game Affected By A Personality Test,  A unique psychological horror puzzle game based on the seven deadly sins.


After taking a personality test, your sin will be decided, the game starts with the prologue of the game, you'll learn about the story of where you are and why you've been captured.

After finishing the prologue you will enter to another room that is based on your sin from the personality test.

The game has already got 1000 downloads on the site and it already got reviewed by Alpha Beta Gamer!

Thanks to everyone who tried the game! 


Thanks for the comment!

have you tried to lower the graphics ?

plus if you can provide us with your computer specs it will be much appreciated !

Thanks for playing!

Thank you im glad u liked it :)

Thank you for checking out the game!

Well played! 

Thank you :)

Thank you for your suggestion!

And im super happy the game works for you :)

We just released an updated version, care to give it a try ?

Can you please give us your computer specs?

We will look in to it :)

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Thank you so much for you honest opinion!

I guess you were confused or maybe we weren't clear about what the demo contains , the game page says 

"at the moment the demo contains only the prolog. The prolog is very short and its just so you can get the hang of the game. the full game contains 7 different rooms with a lot of hard puzzles to solve!. "

You can expect extremely hard puzzles in the full game, the demo is simply showing the game idea and how to play kinda thing.

The demo is the prolog of the game, think about it as the "tutorial" :)

the full game is nothing like the prolog, you will need to figure out the answer and not just finding the answer

i can assure you that if you liked the overall idea and what you're missing is a challenge, you will NOT be disappointed . 

"Forgiveness™" is a first-person puzzle psychological horror escape room game, based on the seven deadly sins.

at the moment the demo contains only the prolog.
the full game contains 7 different rooms with a lot of hard puzzles to solve!.