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Can you try via the steam download? search Gehinnom Demo on steam

Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you :)

Glad u liked it!

Shigeru Miyamoto - "A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad".

Take your time and good luck!

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n Luciform, a family of mythical creatures has been captured by the Red-Eyed Gorilla. To regain their freedom, they pool their energy together to summon Luci – the one individual who can rescue them. Thanks to a unique gift, Luci has the ability to change colors at will!

Uploading the new linux build now (bug fixes)

Bug fixes :)

Hey, I didn't understand what you're talking about at first until i just got a bug report today.

It's obviously not on puropse, it's a bug and it will be fixed today

Hey, we got a community guide on steam if u get stuck :D


Would love to add "Forgiveness - Escape Room" to the bundle.

Thank you for supporting this important subject!

You are 100% correct, i'll add it to the page!



I got a soft place for pixel art, so you got me there!

I liked it :D


Very nice. A polished and fun submission !


well done!

(Great music, 5/5 for sure!)

I'll take it as a compliment, meaning you played the game for quite a lot :D

Hey, I'm glad u liked it.

atm the speed increase when u get amout of points / over time

and picking up boxes increase ur score by 10

You are too kind.

Thanks for the support :)

Thanks for the feedback, i loved your game aswell. so creative! 

Thank you for the support :D

Thank you very much :D

Thank you! Possibly in the future! 




Can't seems to get it to work :\

do u have a standalone build ?



Was a bit hard to understand the controls, but once i figured it out i discovered a really cool mechanic!

That is Innovation 5/5 easily.

Really enjoyed this one

SUPER FUN GAME! Great job!

cool desgin, easy to understand.

well done :)

Great art, and extremlly fun !

Just finished rating ur games guys!

Really enjoyed them , great job :)

Thanks for the support!

I'll maybe add a feature to add ur own music :D

Nice music & sound effects and a fun mechanic

would love to see a score to know how far i got tho ! :D