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Really, really lovely game you've made. The animations and enemies are wonderful, simple yet effective, and the game physics feel really really nice, probably my favorite feeling physics from the games I've played through so far. The wall jump is done perfectly so it's not at all clunky or hard to understand.

I actually didn't feel too much of a difficulty spike, I think everything was fairly even and intuitive to figure out.

In some places the room transitions felt a little weird, most have a glow to indicate that a transition is there but a couple did not and so it was a bit surprising and a little hard to read. It was also just at that size where it was getting a little hard to remember the map, but it wasn't too bad. Any more areas and I think a map or some kind of navigation would have been pretty nice.

Overall, a really solid game!

This is a pretty nice game! Visuals are fantastic, and I like the soundtrack a lot too. The gameplay itself is pretty fun! I'd agree that the boss difficulty was pretty low (I was able to pretty much stand still and mash the attack button to win)

There was a section too where the spikes were able to hit me through the ground I think. I'd also maybe recommend letting the grim reaper fit on one screen, cause right now he's too big.

The story seems pretty interesting too, I'd like to see it expanded on.

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It is... pretty big, yeah. I'm not sure how far you got, but there are at the moment ten different areas to explore!

I really have my team to thank for that. Usually I work solo, but having a team of artists and composers meant I didn't have to do as much work, so I was really able to focus on game design and coding (and a little bit of art). (A side note, while the last week I had a full time job, the start of the jam I was only working weekends, so I wouldn't be surprised if I put 8-10 hours a day into this game on the days I was free.)

There are indeed save points! There are other teleporters scattered around the map, though it is also good feedback to hear that you didn't find them in an hour. I think in future builds I might bring the first teleporter closer to the start of the game, it is a good distance away since you have to basically go through all of the plains to find it. Maybe I'll put one in the middle of the Plains as well.

Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it!

This was a fun game! I agree with a few of the other comments saying that it is hard to have a sense of direction, but overall I had a lot of fun playing through it. Right now I'm stuck on the boss requiring level 7 colors to enter, and it's been beating me up for a long time haha. 

The game is really simple, which is a good thing here, and really addicting! Nice work!

Very nice! I had fun playing through it. You were able to tell a nice little story with some fun twists. Graphics are amazing, and music is great as well. Good job!

Uh oh, another bug was brought to my attention. Saving and quitting with a satellite equipped causes a crash currently. I've since fixed it, but again the game can't be updated until judging is done. Saving/Loading was one of the last things I implemented fully, so I didn't get to fully stress the system and it's showing, which is unfortunate. Sorry about these issues!

After playing more today, there are a couple things I want to point out- Map markers are acting a bit weird in this build, and they aren't saved with the rest of your save file because I made a typo. Both of those things are being fixed, but I won't be updating the Jam submission page. The Game page will have the updated game soon, after I tinker with a few more things!

Thanks for the support, Fred!

The spikes actually used to be much worse, but I think I for sure need to make it better. Thanks for the feedback!

I'm glad you're having fun with it so far!

Hey there! Are you still looking to collaborate for this game jam?

I listened through the album you wrote for your friend and was really impressed. I do a lot of composition as well, and usually write my own music, but there's only so much you can do in a month if you're multitasking every aspect of the game design process. If you're interested in collaborating I'd be happy to talk a little bit more about ideas so you can find out if it would be a good fit for you as well.

Thanks for the consideration!

Thanks for the critique and feedback!