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You changed my life forever

Cute game! It's 10/10 just like you!

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Hello. Lead developer here. I just want you to know that this is in a VERY incomplete state. Yes, I know this is gonna lose a lot of points for the jam, but please, I'm begging you as if I'm an attention whore, look at this again when I upload the complete version. The team worked very hard on this and I was only able to use around 1/3 of the team's assets. I don't care that it doesn't count for points in the jam. I just want my team members to feel appreciated for their work. I understand that not utilizing everyone's work shows incompetence as a lead developer, but I WILL finish this to make up for it. Just please, give us a chance to let my team members shine. If you do look at it again soon, please do not rate the game based on the updates, as it is unfair. I love my team members very much, as they have been with me for a long time now. I am very sorry.

Yes, this game softlocks at Stage 4 and you can sometimes fall through walls. And the most crucial issue of all, the game randomly crashing. I could not solve what was causing it, as there was no bug report in my console. But I will fix this for sure outside the game jam.


This is a meme game lol

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are you still unable to get past the title screen?

you're the only person so far who's reported me this.

me and my friends periodically check youtube for gameplay videos of whatever I make

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Will alleviate in next update

I also accidentally found your video before this comment lol