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Thanks. We were actually gonna call our game Tower Offense too until we changed it pretty late in development.

Thanks <3

This is hilarious, I literally played a game like the fishing one moments ago, not to mention the tower defense one roasts our game a bit...

Really nice presentation, I wish there were more games tho.

Fun. A very creative idea. Would've liked to see slightly more difficulty as it progressed, but I overall enjoyed the game. 

Pretty fun I really like the last 2 levels as they start to force you to play a bit more tactically. Also I'm a sucker for hotline miami homages.

Funny. I especially liked the guy who was asking about Beethoven's new album.

Pretty charming. Very cute, especially the snorkeling cat :3

A new level in Mark Brown memery

I like the aesthetic it really reminds me of Untitled Goose Game.

You see this is the game I needed during the jam to keep myself going. Funny!

Very creative. This game really makes you FEEL like a tomato.

Really good. Pacman felt really smart and hard to corner, the visuals were nice and clean and the music was chill and atmospheric. Only complaint is just increasing the number of lives after each win felt a bit boring. Would've preferred a win Really pretty intuitive to control too. Kinda reminds me of FTL.

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There are two ways, either you gpu instance the dice or you create a combined mesh of dice on the cpu and encode data in the die vertices. I did the latter but I think the former is probably better/easier. If you wanted to do this via gpu instancing look into DrawMeshInstanced in unity or Multimesh in godot.

For my case i also needed the dice to read from a texture so they can display the “virtual” screen. The instance obviously needs a position to draw, but also you gotta pass the pixel position of the die on the virtual screen (basically just the bottom left die gets 0,0 top right die gets 1,1)

Then you also pass in an axis about which to rotate the die. Then you put all this together in a shader. You read from the texture using those coordinates, then you rotate the die using

Also in order to keep the polycount low I took a hi res die model and baked it down onto a simple cube with a normal map.

Really quite addicting and very well polished. Maybe could use slightly more player-favorable rewards.

A super unique idea executed really well.

This game brought me to tears

Is there an invisible ceiling halfway up the mountain?

Wow this was by far the best game I've played so far. Love the undertale-esque bullethell mechanics, the music was fantastic, the enemies were fun and flavorful, and getting to pick what you wanted to add to your bag of dice between levels added some depth. Really great stuff.

A solid puzzler. Just really needs an undo button.

Doesn't seem to load properly on either chrome or firefox. A shame cause this actually looked kinda interesting from the description.

Actually a really interesting idea but so short! I really wish there were more levels since the whole game can be beaten in about 20 seconds. 

I had a suspicion that it was frame-rate related. Either way nice work, this idea is pretty cool.

Creative idea pretty well executed. Although I somehow survived for 8m15s my first attempt so something odd is going on considering the dev high score is 3 minutes and change.

Pretty cool, I finished with a 28 which is probably terrible haha. Although when starting the game I had no idea what to do at first. I couldn't figure out where the ball was. Maybe have it that you can click and drag from anywhere on the screen, rather than having to initiate a click on the ball. Also maybe have the controls somewhere on the screen.

Really wonderful and chill

This was really fun.

Love the snake eater remix. Game has really good music in general.

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Some notes on my playthrough. I played up until I completed the first delivery that dripberg gives you.

During the tutorial I encountered a pretty nasty softlock REPRO STEPS: start game, play tutorial until you get the message from the robot federation. After that message *make sure you keep the cockpit menu open* and continue flying to the planet. Upon arriving to the planet you should get the softlock.

When the game's window loses focus it should ignore keyboard input. When writing these notes I found that jacques would wander around the screen whenever I happened to type a 'w' 'a' 's' or 'd'. Gamemaker seems to have let you check focus with this

The mouse controls don't work properly on this menu you can't click confirm or go back

During the tutorial I initially didn't realize that my coolant was low, so my engine just kept exploding every time I repaired it. I reset and made it past that part, and eventually realized that low coolant causes the engine to overheat. This might be made more obvious, like if you try to fix then engine while low on coolant there's a flashing red "COOLANT LOW" badge on the UI.

The menus seem to always put you on the first option when you press b to back out, instead they should remember whatever option you were previously on.

By rotating my scoops clockwise over and over again I was able to get my speed way past where it's supposed to be This let me get to my destinations almost instantly

Some of the ui seems to sort a little oddly, and it is hard to read when layered like this or this

The clouds on planets look a little odd. They move along with the player instead of remaining more or less stationary (ignoring wind) with respect to the world. Also they seem to additive blend with the background which makes them appear to glow a little. I haven't used GMS but it appears they use bm_add (bm_src_alpha, bm_one) instead of bm_normal (bm_src_alpha, bm_inv_src_alpha)

The panning on some of the audio is a little aggressive (e.g. the second ship leak you patch in the tutorial), I think it'd sound more natural if the audio never panned left or right more than like 70% or so.

On a more positive note the writing really is quite excellent, all the characters are fun and distinct, and much of the dialog is quite funny. I really like the alignment chart thing, which makes me wonder how much unique dialog you'll have to write. Also getting to pick your ship is really cool. The plot starts to move along once you introduce general crumbbum and the robot federation, which acts as a solid hook into the inciting incident. The game is packed with appealing little details that make it actually quite fun to perform simple actions.

Really well done. Love the atmosphere. The tension of the camera zooming in as you swim to the surface is pretty wonderful. The sound effects + screen shake when text appears on the screen also really sells the power of whatever entity you are collecting. 

Btw you should really link to the itch page directly from the vids.

David, huge fan of your work, lugaru was one of the first PC games I remember playing, overgrowth is amazing, and I absolutely love the dev videos you used to make. When I first learned that overgrowth ran on a custom engine my head about exploded.

It'd make my day if you'd check out this shameless clone of getting over it I've been working on

Reminds me of this old mobile phone turn-based doom port called Doom RPG.

Interesting little bug, I put a shield guard in front of a bouncer and then as soon as they saw me they started hitting each other but I took damage. Weird.

Also the footsteps sound suspiciously like rabbit footsteps...

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Certainly a unique idea. Nukki best girl. Also kinda funny how this purposefully low res game has high quality lighting. Also David FREAKING Rosen played and commented on your game!

>Also you can double jump if you spam right click. :)

Haha you're right! How did I never notice that bug.