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David, huge fan of your work, lugaru was one of the first PC games I remember playing, overgrowth is amazing, and I absolutely love the dev videos you used to make. When I first learned that overgrowth ran on a custom engine my head about exploded.

It'd make my day if you'd check out this shameless clone of getting over it I've been working on

Reminds me of this old mobile phone turn-based doom port called Doom RPG.

Interesting little bug, I put a shield guard in front of a bouncer and then as soon as they saw me they started hitting each other but I took damage. Weird.

Also the footsteps sound suspiciously like rabbit footsteps...

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Certainly a unique idea. Nukki best girl. Also kinda funny how this purposefully low res game has high quality lighting. Also David FREAKING Rosen played and commented on your game!

>Also you can double jump if you spam right click. :)

Haha you're right! How did I never notice that bug.