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This is beautiful. I love the message behind the game. Thank you for making this.

Thanks for commenting and playing, especially since the jam is already over.

This game is so much fun. How can it not have a replay button!?

Not sure if it's by design, but they stop whacking you sometimes.

If you place the unit really close to the hero as he walks by, he can gain XP without taking much HP loss.

A good strategy for the game is to position the platform at the very top, then you don't have to worry about the players from the bottom. Not sure why, but sometimes the player can walk directly on the platform without triggering the game over prompt.

Copy pasting from discord:

"If anyone is still waiting for their email with the free course, email with your Game Jam link, email address you used to complete the form and the email address you use to login to" - XtremeJam87

The perspective makes jumping from book to book really tough. And you have to do that 3 times! That was not too enjoyable so I am not sure if you intended that. Otherwise, a very nice game.

The player now feels more sluggish as you have more gifts in your train. It's definitely more challenging. Not sure if it makes the game more enjoyable though. Give and take I guess. Still very nice work!

I checked your page several times during the voting period. Glad you have it working now. This is quite fun. Better late than never right? Life happens and you definitely gave it an honest effort, so please don't feel bad.

Yes, there was a cat :) Thanks for commenting!

Yep, I was definitely worried that people would confuse those critters for enemies. And I didn't want to add text to explain that. Glad most people figured it out. Thanks for playing and commenting! (I definitely am grateful for all the helpful and supportive comments for my first jam game.)

Sorry about that. :P

No dying was partially my interpretation of the "Life" part of the theme. Thanks for playing and thanks for commenting.

I think you are the first to refer to the no death aspect as having no fail condition. I like that. On retrospect, not having a fail condition simplified a lot of things when designing and coding since I don't have to worry about anything death related.

Sorry about that. I am planning on tweaking the friction and/or speed a bit.

Two late finds (play in browser & below 10 ratings as of this writing) that I would like people to try out:

Beware though, the flowers prayer can be addictive...

I like the idea and the visuals. There is definitely potential here.

This game is very fun and addictive. My feedback would be to maybe start off with a smaller map first?

Just think of it as giving an honest try and getting in a submission.

Wow, found this hidden gem in the last day of the voting period. This game is truly under-rated. Not a fan of the cat-on-cat violence, but it's fun nevertheless.

Yep, I played because there is a cat.

Nice puzzles. I need to sacrifice some HP to solve the last one. Can it be done with full HP?

This took courage.

Great job for 2 days of work!

The music stopped for me after a while. Maybe it doesn't repeat? Also was kinda expecting something to happen after opening the very last door. Anyway, I really like the puzzle design. Well done.

It wasn't clear what I should be doing until I try the second level. Adding simple things such as music and background art can add a lot to the player's experience. A more interesting thumbnail can lead to more plays and feedback. I like the mirror-dimension concept. Good job on your first game.

Cool, I will try it

Some spirits are cute, think I would just keep them in my place as pets. I like the art and I like the concept overall. The feedback I would give is that 1. It was not obvious at first what to do after I pick up a spirit. I figured it out eventually of course, but some guidance would be nice. 2. The player can complete the entire game with the glasses on without taking them off,  so what is the point there in switching dimension?

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A bit too hard given that you restart all the way in the beginning if you use up all three lives. Maybe a life power-up somewhere around the 3rd level would be nice.

Glad you enjoyed it! :D

I was definitely a bit torn when designing the level with the doors. I wanted the player to have a being in a maze/getting lost experience while not being frustrating at the same time. I can understand why some folks don't like it. Perhaps it could be done better. Thank you so much for playing!

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Thanks for playing! The subtle message I was trying to make is "Money doesn't matter, it's the people you meet." So I intentionally left out the coin count in the final result. But reading that you made all that effort into collecting the coins made me rethink that. (Oh I know, those 2 coins under the middle platform are possible but very hard to reach) I bet some other people would try to collect all the coins too, and I can see how it is a let down in terms of player experience when the coin count is not there in the final result. After the voting period, I think I might have the coin counter in the corner in the final scene, but leave it out of the final result.

With the 20/total, it is again intentional. For what ever reason I was thinking about how some folks marry only once in their lifetime while some others may get remarried 3 or more times. So at the end of their lives who did better? 1/10 marriages or 4/10 marriages? Again this is a game, having 20/total may actually make the perfectionist in some players to try again for the perfect count. I will have to think on this one.

And yes, I will tweak the friction and speed of the player a bit to see if I can improve the sliding.

Those are some very helpful feedback, thank you!

Thanks for the compliment!

Thank you! I really like yours too.

Thanks for you comment!

haha, sorry about that...

Thank you for playing!

Not even one null reference exception. Good job!

ahh got it! Still can't jump high enough on the left, but could just barely do so on the right. Thought I was stuck there by design. XD