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Happy New Year, We are doing a New year key giveaway, head over to our twitter page. like, comment, retweet for a chance to win.

Thanks for the Feedback, we will work on the fixes you mentioned.  Most of the scares in the game are just animatronic props for decorations, we are thinking about getting rid of the stinger sounds so it doesn't feel like a real scare.  This should help in momentum.  Will fix the test, thanks you for this. Loved the video, you are a great you tuber.

Check out our demo on itchio :

We have new Asylum DLC content released for our Sinister Halloween game.

During the events on Halloween night in Sinister Halloween, this all-new mental asylum chapter sends you into a new area within Mountain Peaks.  As a journalist, you receive a secret email from the local asylum and a little girl is reported lost trick or treating. You decide to investigate the area.  Enter the mental asylum, with years of experience seeking the truth, use your wits, nerve, and mental fortitude to uncover the horrifying secrets within.

The game and DlC is released on steam for now.  We will update this so it can be purchased on itchio in the future.

Click here for for the Asylum DLC page on Steam :

Main Game

Happy Halloween 2020  see you next year with new content.

This is Halloween, Please give feedback and let us know what you think of our game.

Sinister Halloween Demo

Thanks, will check out your channel on Halloween :P Join our Discord for a chance to win full game.

Thanks for suggestions, and you still have a chance to win full version for free. send in your pumpkins. Check store page jackolantern contest

thanks, i recorded your information. I will send you an email when we need audio work done. currently we just plan to update the voice actors.  but not anytime soon.

Thanks for playing, we are aware of most of this issues and working on fixing them. The game is a haunted attraction which turns into horror :P If we could get more  funds we will work on audio.  We are about to release Halloween DLC map.  we are having a contest to win the Full game on Discord.  link in Description.

We have been working for months on our new Asylum DLC content for our Sinister Halloween game.

Story: As a journalist, you receive a secret email from the local asylum and a little girl is reported lost trick or treating. You decide to investigate the area.

Teaser Video


We would like feedback on what people think of our game and any suggestions to make it better.

for example, quality of graphics, characters impressions, No game play yet this is just a teaser.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Next update should be a Full trailer.

Thanks for playing,  Will check your video on Halloween :) If you want the full game, join our discord, we have a contest going on where u can have a chance to win.

Thanks for the comment, Will check your channel on Halloween.  If you want a chance to win the free game, head over to our discord channel.

This would be great, but not sure if we will be able to update the game this year.  We just don't have the time required.  Record something and send a wave file to (Sinister Halloween Audio in the subject line) We can keep in touch. Thanks for liking the game so much. 

Thanks for the great comments.  Yes i agree with voice acting, we need to hire professionals. We will do that when we get funds.  Check our discord, there is a contest were you can win the full game.

Thanks for playing, The voice acting is from us, we don't have the funds to hire professionals yet, we will change this when we get funds. (is it the sound of voice or the spoken words?)  

Thanks for playing, looks like you opened the floor plate in the ground and then fell into the grinder.  Its used to kill the chainsaw killer if you like, i would keep it closed so you don't fall in. Great video thanks for playing.  Check out discord page for a chance to win free game.

Thanks for playing.  Looks like you had a good time, you went through the game pretty quick, most things you keep missing.  If you try to play a little slower you should be able to see what is going on, maybe we should slow down the player, we will see if this persists with other players and change the character speed. Thanks for your input. 

Head over to our discord to get a chance for a free copy of the game. Link in game info.

Thanks, the mama is actually a ghost, so cannot be killed.  The spirit is trapped in the house on Halloween. Glad you liked the game.  Check our discord for a chance to win free copy

Great, let me know what you think.

thank you, glad you enjoyed.  Head over to our discord for a chance to win free copy.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed the game, looks like we have a lot of Halloween lovers.
Head over to our Discord channel for a chance to win a free copy.

Thanks for playing.   Glad you enjoyed the game. Check our Discord for chance to win a free copy of full game.  Full game is out on steam.

Thanks for playing our Halloween game.  The shotgun is unlimited, just press R to reload and wait for the gun to auto reload all bullets.

The full game is out on steam, head over to our discord to get a chance to win a free copy.

Thanks, the full game is out.  Head over to our discord page for a chance to win the game.

Head over to our discord and get a chance to win the full game

Thanks for the comments, glad you got scared.  Head over to our discord,  link is in the information section to get a chance to win the full game.

Thanks for purchasing the game.  we will look into the issues you mention.  I'm glad you enjoyed the game.  I will watch your YouTube video on Halloween :)

Thanks for the double thumbs up.  Chance to get our game free at our discord channel.

Thanks for your input, the jump scares you talk, do you mean the animation Halloween props. Yes they are more for decoration then jump-scares.  Thanks for playing,  check our discord to see how to win a free copy.  I will check your you tube video on halloween :)

Thanks for the Thumbs up, Happy halloween 2020

I will check your video along with all others near Halloween.  Thanks for the comment.  The Full game is already out on steam.    

Thanks for the like, the full game offers 9 single player maps and 8 survival maps if i can remember.  I will check your video out. 

Full version of Sinister Halloween is on steam.  We have a contest going on right now at our discord server, you have a chance to win a Sinister Halloween free copy and DLC's.


Halloween 2020 Demo Link:

New Story Trailer

New Game Play Trailer


Famous for its Horror Festival. You go out with your friends, trick or treating, entering haunted themed houses as you make your way to the big party, but this year's holiday, the afterlife brings something sinister. Are the legends true?

Play haunted attractions that come to life, kill or be killed, figure out how to escape.


You get to try one level from the single player and one level from the survival mode.

Genre: Horror/shooter

Release Date Demo : OCT 13 2020


Platform:  Windows PC  and  Virtual Reality

Thanks, you must love Halloween as much as we do.  Slaughter house is a great map. 

Thanks for the details, glad you like the game.  We know about the notes, they are suppose to highlight when picked up so you dont need to use a flashlight, but we having some issues. Its already on our fix list.  

No ps4 version yet, maybe next year if everything goes great. Glad we could get those creepy feelings out :)

What did you enjoy about the survival mode, more enemies, less cheesy scares?  Thanks glad you enjoyed the game

Thanks, glad you enjoy Halloween as much as i do.  The full version is already on steam.  Will check everyone's lets plays on Halloween:)