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Ceasar JL

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Great game! What are the controls for keyboard though? 

I really want to play the rest of it but i can't because i can't figure out how to use projection

Is CTR a percentage of people that clicked on your link after seeing it from the impressions? 
E.g i have 152 impressions and a CTR of 0.66%. Does this mean 1.0032 people clicked on the link after showed them my title and thumbnail and stuff?

Awsome game

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im wondering, if i made a patch, how would i make sure everyone downloaded it? can i make it so that the game automatically downloads all the latest patches?

im not trying to prevent cheating or anything i just want to make sure that people know when ive fixed a problem. for example right now, my game is impossible cause there are too many undercover police officers (my game is about selling drugs, and when you get caught, they take all your drugs)

Hello, My name is Julian

Ive been coding with Python for a month or 2. The biggest project i have out right now would either be the Encryption/Decryption software or the beat up person game.

Great game!