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How can i make sure everyone with my game receives a patch when i make a new one?

A topic by Ceasar JL created Dec 18, 2016 Views: 332 Replies: 2
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im wondering, if i made a patch, how would i make sure everyone downloaded it? can i make it so that the game automatically downloads all the latest patches?

im not trying to prevent cheating or anything i just want to make sure that people know when ive fixed a problem. for example right now, my game is impossible cause there are too many undercover police officers (my game is about selling drugs, and when you get caught, they take all your drugs)



There are a few ways people can get notified of a new version of your game:

  • If you're using Butler, anyone who has the game installed in our app will automatically have the patch be downloaded an applied.
  • If you've sold your game and you upload new files, then the buyers will be notified with an email.
  • Anyone who follows your account will have an event show up in their feed saying that you uploaded new files

Personally I incorporated a Update Center :)

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