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I love the art so much I'm going to die! Also, the concept is super cool and very well executed. I love the variety of twists and how multiple twists can play off each other to be rage-inducing (but in a fun way!). The music ties everything together so well, too! This is an excellent game by real people, not actors!

Super cute art style! I love the humor, and the game was really simple to pick up yet fun to play! Great job!

Thank you!

Super cool idea, executed really well! It's fun, but also makes you think once it becomes nighttime. Definitely an exciting twist on chess, and a really interesting interpretation of the theme! The intro was a nice touch, and everything was nicely polished! Good job!

Thanks so much!

Thank you!

Thank you so much!

Thanks! And thank you for the idea!

Super cute and polished game! I love the intro, and the art is extremely clean! The puzzles were challenging but fun! I didn't realize at first that you could pick up the enemies, so one of the puzzles was very hard, but other than that, the difficulty and mechanics were great! Amazing job!

Thank you!

Thanks so much!

Super polished! I love the art, and the audio is great too! I was a little confused by the tutorial, but hopping into the game wasn't very hard at all! I suck at these multi-tasking games, but this is a very good one! Great job on all of the details and congrats on making an enjoyable and creative game in such little time!

Super cool art! I love the style! The polish from the sounds and effects made collecting stars very satisfying! At first I didn't realize that the game would end, so maybe an on-screen timer could be cool. Fun concept and great job all around!

Thank you so much! It gets hard later, but not until far into the double digits. I got scared that it would be too hard right before submitting it and made some last minute changes. Those annoying end-of-jam jittery feelings, am I right?

Thank you! I agree. It speeds up later, but the slow intro is too long, especially on repeat playthroughs.

Super cool concept that works out great! Not only is is humorous, but it's really fun too! I wasn't really sure what I was doing at the start, but after a few cycles the UI began to make more sense. I love the idea of the room switching after every turn so that you have to be thinking about multiple realities at once. You could totally turn this into a full game someday!

Super cute! The UI was stylish yet clear, so the game was simple to pick up. Funny story, too! Good job!

Thank you!

Thank you! That's a great suggestion! I think in a post jam version I might allow you to release your aliens using the spacebar or something. Congrats on submitting, too!

Thank you so much!

Super polished game! I love the art, especially the cute animals! The UI is very clean, and the music is great!

I love the artwork! Everything is cohesive and you create a perfect tone! The game is goofy, simple, and very fun to play! I like the camera zoom-ins for the added intensity! Great job! 

The presentation and polish is amazing!

Great game! The puzzles were a great level of difficulty for me! I liked that it was more about puzzle solving than speedy reactions. The instructions were clear, and the transitions made everything feel polished. Nice work!

Very cute art! The vibes were very chill and fun! It didn't drag on, and everything made sense right away! Great job!

I love the humor!

Thank you!

I noticed the packager remembered my options while packaging a post jam build of a previous game, and I was like WOAH! :D It made everything so much faster!

Thanks! :D I haven't used the Export/Import Options yet, but I'm sure they're super useful, especially if collaborating with others.

Love the concept, art, sounds, execution, humor... everything!

Thank you!

Thank you so much!

Thank you!

Cool game! The front flips were very nice!

Great game! It was really fun to jump on the other player's head.

My sister and I loved this game! The art is great and the games are fun and fast paced! Great job!

It was fun! I liked how one player was support and the other attacked.

Great game! The sushi art was very cute!

Super fun game! I liked that the cubes did funny faces!

Great game! The level design was very good!